Published On: Mon, Jul 9th, 2012

1 year-old Illinois Baby Boy Attacked and Bit by Python (Video)

William Winans, a 1 year-old baby boy from Mattoon, Illinois was attacked and bitten by a snake while sleeping inside his crib.

William’s father, Devin Winans, told police that he was awakened at about 11 p.m. Monday by his 1-year-old son making noises. He then reached into his son’s crib and felt something “really slimy.”

“I immediately turned the light on and saw the snake, a ball python, wrapped around his foot, constricting it, and trying to eat his foot,” he said in an interview noting that he used a blanket to pull the python off of his son’s foot.

Sara Lacey, the boy’s mother, took their baby boy to Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center for treatment of a bite mark, a bruise and scratches.

Illinois Baby Boy Willliam Winans and his Python attacker

“I saw the blood all over his foot and grabbed him from Devin. It was definitely something we never thought of happening. It was definitely really scary,” she said.

Investigators said that the python belonged to the occupant of the neighboring apartment identified as Shelby C. Guyette, 23. Mattoon Police Department Deputy Chief Jason Taylor said the snake’s owner could face city ordinance violation charges of having an animal at large.

The snake was brought to Coles County animal shelter on Monday evening. Shelter manager Julie Deters said the python is being kept in an aquarium tank.

Currently, William Winans is recovering. “I’m so thankful he’s ok. We’re still practicing walking on his hurt foot, but it could have been a lot worse if he wrapped around his chest and we probably wouldn’t be having his first birthday today,” his father, Devin Winans, said.

Below is the video of the news report from ABC News:

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