Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2013

12 Korean Fighter Jets For The Philippine Air Force

090301_p01_skorea The Philippine Air Force has announced Thursday that they will be acquiring 12 South Korean made supersonic fighter jets as part of strengthening the country’s external defense.

The country used to own the latest air vehicles in the past but seemed to have stagnated in the past decades. The government might have seen the importance of having their own equipment in times of chaos and will not just depend on any other foreign help.

During times of disputes the recent claims of territorial islands and similar property issues, the country needs to display a strong armed forces so that no one could just simply belittle our capacity to defend ourselves.

The budget for the said acquisition is at approximately Php 18 billion and the contract may be completed by the end of February.

Strengthening the Air Force department is just one way ensuring everyone that living in the Philippines is safe and secure.

“This is good news and we at the PAF is very excited at this development considering our preponderance for internal defense for the past 11 years”, said PAF spokesman Colonel Miguerl Ernesto Okol.

This is an indication that the country is slowly getting up and sooner or later would be able to improve its overall status.

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