Published On: Fri, Dec 14th, 2012

9-year old girl Breanna Bond Lost 66 pounds Because of Bullying

Obesity is always seen as a subject of scrutiny for most people. In some schools, obese girls are the subject of tease of bullies. This is what happened to Breanna Bond, a 9-year old girl from California.

Her story is inspiring as she used the criticisms thrown at her to change her figure and lose weight from 186 to 120 pounds. That is 66 pounds in just a one year period. Definitely remarkable!

Before her remarkable lost of weight, she was used to hear the words ‘fat’ and ‘fat head’ being thrown at her.”Everybody at school would call me names. They would call me fatty, they would call me fat head,” Breanna said.

Breanna Bond Before and After Losing 66 Pounds of Weight
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In a recent interview with “Good Morning America”, her mom Heidi Bond told how she have her daughter tested for any abnormality: “Her pediatrician always said that she’d grow into her body and then, after a while, we went and got other doctors’ opinions. We had her tested for everything from thyroid to diabetes – her endocrinology got tested – allergies, and everything came out fine so we knew at that point we had to step things up.”

Upon learning that everything is normal, Breanna’s parents began their plan for their 9-year old daughter to lose weight. With the support from her parents, Breanna dramatically changed her diet limiting her fat intake to 20 grams per day, hopped on the treadmill for over an hour and 15 minutes every day and joined swim and basketball teams. Together as a family, they also began to walk the 4-mile trail near their home.

“There was nothing that stopped us. We went at night, in the rain, in the hail, in the fog, nothing. We had a zero-tolerance policy. We’re doing the walk, no matter what,” Breanna’s mother, Heidi, said.

True enough, Breanna’s determination and will to lose weight paid off. In less than a year she lost a total of 66 pounds!

“She is an inspiration to the world and all children who are having weight issues across America, that you can do it with a pair of tennis shoes and motivation,” Heidi Bond said.

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  1. Mun says:

    Great story!

  2. Avalon says:

    I am so Proud of her, she did not take the bullying as an out or end to her life she was not weak , she is amazing!! What a beautiful girl she is! Those bullies have nothing on this girl! at any time…Shel’l be the head of the cheerleading squad , shes super motivated~*~*

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