Published On: Sat, Oct 20th, 2012

96-Year Old Dad in India Claims He is World’s Oldest New Father (Photo)

How would you react if a 96-year old man suddenly became a new dad as he fathers a child? Well there’s nothing much unusual about it as men do not really undergo a menopausal stage losing their fertility unlike women. However, with such a long age gap in between, there’s not enough time for dad to see as his child grows.

This is the case for a 96-year old man in India named Ramjeet Raghav who recently became a new dad after his 52-year wife Shakuntala Devi gave birth to his child on October 5, 2012, The Times of India reported. The report says that his age was recorded in the Haryana government’s social welfare department.

Raghav, who is a field hand and former wrestler, first broke the record for being the World’s Oldest New Dad when his wife gave birth to his first child last November 2010. This year, he broke his own record at the age of 96 for his second child.

Raghav, from Kharkhoda, claimed that he met his wife just 10 years ago. Before meeting his partner in life, he said he was a bachelor who practiced celibacy for his entire life.

“After staying together, we decided to extend our family and aspired for two sons. With God’s grace, our wish has been fulfilled,” he told The Times of India.

96-year old new dad in India, Ramjeet Raghav
Image Credit: Sagar Kaul / Barcroft India

In another interview with NineMSN, he said: “My neighbors are jealous and they keep asking me for my secret, but all I tell them is that it is God’s will.”

The 96-year old new dad credits his virility to his lifestyle and diet. He said he has been a teetotaler and strict vegetarian for his entire life.

Nevertheless, it seemed that this will be the last time Raghav will beat his own record of being the “World’s Oldest New Dad”, for financial reasons of raising a child.

“I have asked my wife to be sterilised now. I don’t want more children, we can’t afford it. I want my boys to go to a school and study. I will do my best to give them what they need in life,” he said.

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