Published On: Fri, Jun 8th, 2012

Angelina Jolie Tells George Clooney: No Pranks

Being the close friends that they are, it was easy for Angelina Jolie to personally ask prankster George Clooney not to play practical jokes at her wedding.

And, it was even easier for her to get fiancé Brad Pitt to follow it up with his best friend George to make sure he gets it: No pranks at their wedding.

The best pals are known to play pranks at each other, especially when they were shooting the ‘Ocean’ series, and Angelina is worried that the notorious prankster in George will ruin their big day.

A source revealed, “Angie personally phoned George, warning him that she was dead serious! George got the message loud and clear – especially after Brad followed up with his own phone call, making George promise to call a truce and put practical jokes on hiatus for his and Angie’s big day.

“George finally gave his word, but admitted to pals it’ll be tough to resist the temptation.”

If George does not make good on his promise, Brad Pitt will be partly to blame as he was the one who originally started the pranks.

Brad admitted, “[When we were filming Ocean’s 12 in Italy] I sent a memo to the entire Italian crew, in Italian, that said, ‘Dear Crew: We wish you a wonderful shoot. George Clooney asks that, this is a very difficult role for him. He needs to concentrate deeply. Mr. Clooney asks that you try not to interrupt him, look him in the eye. If you do need to address Mr. Clooney, please refer to him only as ‘Daniel’ or ‘Mr. Ocean’.

“It went on for two weeks. He handled it gracefully, but he was becoming unnerved, I think.”

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