Published On: Sun, Jul 15th, 2012

Barbara Bachmeier, Homeless Woman, Off Ballot in Alaska

An homeless woman in Alaska has been ruled ineligible for office on residency grounds, removing her off ballot.

The woman named Barbara Bachmeier, a real estate agent, is seeking the Republican nomination for House District 13. However, the Division of Elections has removed her name from the congressional ballot in Alaska because she had not met the 12-month residency requirement to run.

Despite the fact that Barbara owned a house in Anchorage, the Division of Elections denied her, claiming that, because she lived in a camper shell on the back of her truck 10 months ago, she doesn’t technically meet the 12-month residency requirement to run for a seat in the House of Representatives.

“I knew I could run for the House and represent these people well because I have experienced homelessness as a product of the VA not helping me,” she said.

Barbara Bachmeier, a woman off ballot in Alaska for being homeless

The complaint to remove Bachmeier off ballot was filed by an Anchorage lawyer, Scott Kendall, on behalf of two Alaska voters, Scott Smestad of Anchorage and John Nelson of Soldotna.

Bachmeier said she believed the complaint was orchestrated by the other Republican seeking the seat, Gabrielle LeDoux, a non-practicing lawyer who herself moved into the district three years ago after serving two terms in the House from Kodiak.

Asked if she was involved, LeDoux replied, “I actually don’t think that’s a relevant question. I think the only important question is whether or not Barbara Bachmeier was constitutionally eligible to run in this district.”

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