Published On: Wed, Jun 20th, 2012

‘Bubble Skin Man’ Disease Identified as Neurofibromatosis (Photo)

Chandra Wisnu, the man from Indonesia known as ‘Bubble Skin Man‘, finally has his disease identified. Maryland-based dermatologist Anthony Gaspari flew to Indonesia to examine Wisnu and his family and they were diagnosed with a disease called Neurofibromatosis.

The exact diagnosis was an extreme case of Neurofibromatosis type I (NF-1), a tumor disorder that is caused by a gene malfunction and causes non-cancerous lumps to appear all over the body. The tumors may cause bumps under the skin, colored spots, skeletal problems, pressure on spinal nerve roots, and other neurological problems.

The disease is genetic and affects up to one in 2500 people. Although it has already been identified, there is still no existing cure as of now but Gaspari said there are treatments that can improve the quality of his life.

Chandra Wisnu, the ‘Bubble Skin Man’ from Indonesia

The lumps first appeared on Wisnu’s body when he was 19, spread to his back by age 24 and covered his entire body by the time he was 32.

The 57-year-old Indonesian man has been going to doctors and alternative healers for years but no one has found the cause of the tumors on his body.

“One alternative healer cut out fatty tissue and told my father to bury it under a banana tree,” Wisnu said on “Bubble Skin Man,” a documentary debuting June 20 on TLC.

Despite his condition, Wisnu has developed a positive mindset.

“I try to keep busy and then I can forget about it. Now I try never to look at myself in the mirror so I can forget what I look like. When people stare at me, I tell myself, it’s because I am good looking. I always try to look on the bright side,” he said.

Wisnu started worrying about the condition of his two children, his eldest son Martin, 32 and daughter Lis, 26, who both have began to develop symptoms of his disease.

Currently, several research were being done by drug companies and clinical centers worldwide about the disease.

Below is a video news report of Chandra Wisnu, the man from Indonesia known as “The Bubble Skin Man”:

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  1. MUHAIMIN says:


  2. Sarah says:

    I took one look at Chandra and knew instantly he had NF1. His condition looks a little worse than my mom’s.

  3. Louise says:

    What’s so mysterious about this? Anyone who’s come into contact with neurofibromatosis would recognise this in an instant. This seems a very extreme case, though. But neurofibromatosis is not a rare disease, affecting between 1 in 2500-3000 newborns every year.

  4. Amy says:

    It is really a pity. I pray he finds a cure 4 his disease. He should try bathing in the dead sea,I heard it brings healing.

  5. Promise says:

    I just believe he should not stop believing he would be okay he should not be despondent cos it is an ecumenical credence that tough times never last but tough people do.

  6. Kris says:

    It is not a disease; it’s a neurological disorder. My husband and 2 of our 4 children have it. There is no cure.

  7. kla says:

    i feel vey pity for him and to others that also have it. Sometimes life is really unfair, you will live once and suddenly you have to experience things like this. I hope peole dont stare at him so bad and i pray that soon he finds the cure for his medical problem and to his children too.

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