Published On: Sun, Jun 24th, 2012

Bullied Bus Monitor, Karen Klein, Didn’t Accept Kids’ Apologies (Video)

Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor for the Greece School District in Greece, New York, didn’t accept the kids’ written apologies to her.

In an interview of TMZ, Karen Klein was asked if she did accept the apology of the kids written to her.

“Uhhmm… not really. I think they can do better than what they did,” Karen replied.

Then a followup question followed: “What do you think should happen to the kids who taunted you?”

“I haven’t decided it yet… Possibly not riding the bus next year… And no sports. Those are areas of punishments that I really did think of,” she replied.

Since the bullying video entitled “Making the Bus Monitor Cry” was uploaded in Youtube on June 19 by a certain CapitalTrigga, it has been viewed 6.4 million times and an overwhelming support and pledges were given to Karen.

Karen Klein Interview with TMZ
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In fact, as of this writing, the fund raising to give Karen her dream vacation has reached more than $637,000 from more than 29,000 contributors worldwide.

There is also an online petition ongoing at urging President Obama to allow Klein to receive the donations tax-free. Despite the fact that the organizer John Bickford have been repeatedly advised that the petition was actually not necessary because there are no taxes on the money being given to Karen, more than 7,600 signatures have been accumulated so far.

In the last part of the interview with TMZ, Karen was asked what would she do with the money.

“Actually, well we’re looking up to charities coz my niece has Down’s Syndrome and my nephew has autism. So we’re looking into charities to donate some to that and then she’s gonna figure out from the rest.. We’re  getting help then we gonna need to decide what she’s gonna do with the rest of it,” she replied.

Since the bullying video went viral, various comments of hatred swarmed the four bully kids. Police said that the bullies are now being targeted. One boy received more than 1,000 threatening text messages in one night. Someone even called in saying they took one of the families hostage.

“We had to respond to that as it is almost a barricaded gunman. Then we had to set up perimeters and get the house surrounded. And then we had to try to make contact with the people, and they are inside their house and they were fine,” a police spokesperson told ABC News.

Below is the video of the interview of Karen Klein with TMZ:

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  1. Sick of Nasty Kids says:

    These kids should be charged with assault because they touched Ms. Klein. And that’s just for starters. What they did was criminally vicious and should be treated as such. And she should sue their asses off for assault and harrassment.

  2. […] an interview with TMZ, Karen Klein said she plans to donate part of the money to support Down syndrome research. She […]

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