Scariest “Ghost Girl Elevator” Prank in Brazil Goes Viral (Video)

"Scariest" Ghost Girl Elevator Prank 
Image Credit: Youtube/ Silvio Santos Program

Imagine yourself inside an elevator. Then suddenly the light flickers until it totally goes off. After a few seconds, it turns on again and low and behold, a girl which looks like a ghost will instantly appear with you inside the elevator. Worst, suddenly, she would scream at you. How would you feel? This has been the scenario in the video prank currently More...

by Charles Wuckland | Published 5 years ago
Kelvin Santos, the two-year-old Brazilian toddler who wakes up and asks for water during funeral
By Charles Wuckland On Friday, June 8th, 2012

‘Dead’ Brazilian Boy Wakes Up and Asks for Water in Funeral

Kelvin Santos, a two year-old toddler in Brazil, who was pronounced dead after suffering pneumonia, woke up and asked for water from his dad during his funeral. According to a Brazilian news site, Portal ORM, Kelvin More...

Gisele Bundchen VS
By Jennifer Leetan On Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Gisele Bundchen Rejected 42 Times by Agents

Guess who are probably pulling their hair and crying over millions of dollars in commission they have lost? Sorry 42 agents… you did not know what a gold-mine you had until you rejected her. On the other hand More...