Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2012

‘Cyclops Kitten’ Cleyed Died Shortly After Being Born (Photo)

Kitten lovers would surely be amazed in this rare story of a Bengal ‘Cyclops’ kitten named Cleyed who was born with one eye and no nose.

Unfortunately, the cute little kitten died shortly after birth because of a condition known as Holoprosencephaly, a cephalic disorder in which the forebrain fails to develop into two hemispheres. The congenital birth defect causes malformations of the face and in brain structure.

Despite the short time living in this world, Cleyed’s owners fortunately left memories of their rare Cyclops kitten as they captured a video of it and posted it in Youtube.

Cleyed, the Cyclops Kitten
Image Credit: Youtube/Absoluteangels1

A Youtube user ‘absoluteangels1′ posted a video telling the story of their pregnant Bengal cat whom they brought to a veterinarian on Thursday, October 4, 2012. The veterinarian then performed a C-section procedure to give birth to three baby kittens. To their surprise, the second baby came out as a Cyclops kitten. Currently, the video has over 128,000 views as it became a hit in the internet.

‘Absoluteangels1′ described this once in a lifetime experience as she narrated the story:

“To start off, both horns of the uterus were twisted together THREE times. After untwisting the horns our veterinarian started the surgery and she removed the first baby, the baby was handed to me and I started drying her off. A vet tech came in and I handed her the first baby and got the second kitten that our vet removed….

WOW!!!! He floored me, I was in shock as I have only seen a picture of a Cyclops kitten like this ONCE ever… and that was on the internet. He was born alive and survived only a short time. This was a horribly sad experience, but very intriguing to us all.

A short bit after Cleyed was delivered, the third baby was removed and she was a beautiful healthy baby.”

Below is the video of Cleyed the Cyclops Kitten as published at Youtube on October 6, 2012.

Cleyed was the second Cyclops kitten who became famous in the internet. In 2006, a similar Cyclops kitten named ‘Cy’ was born on Redmond, Oregon and died shortly because of a similar condition. When the news was first published by Associated Press, it was greeted by a lot of skepticism with a lot saying that it was a hoax.

Owner Traci Allen froze the kitten’s remain to preserve it. Later on, she was offered by Ripley’s Believe it Or Not to hand over the remains to them. However, she declined the offer and instead handed it over to John Adolfi of the Lost World Museum because she liked his religious reasons for wanting them. Currently, Cy’s remains is being displayed in a glass jar inside the museum.

Cy the Cyclops Kitten
Image Credit: AP Photo/ Traci Allen


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