Published On: Wed, Apr 18th, 2012

First Intel Inside Smartphone To Be Released In India This Week

Smartphones has already been dominating the world of technology ever since it was introduced and now it has gone as far as we could ever imagine. Who would have thought that touch screen phones would ever exist or perhaps things that we used to do with our laptops would ever be fitted in our slim mobile phones.

One of the pillars of all these things, the makers of microchips, Intel, the mind and power that makes these things work has finally made it’s way inside a promising smartphone.

This week, the first ever smartphone with an Intel chip will become available in India from the mobile device maker Lava International. No one knows why it took this long for the microchip maker to get into the world of smartphones. It may not be too late though as this smartphone offers quite an impressive feature.

This particular chip a.k.a the Intel Z2460 single-core chip, can provide battery life of up to eight hours of 3G voice calling, six hours of high-definition video decoding, or five hours of 3G browsing, and standby time of 14 hours. These are the very things that a smartphone user has been looking for. It will placed inside a 4.03-inch screen running at 1.6Ghz smartphone called Xolo X900.

The price of the phone is not yet known as well as the version of Android operating system that it’ll be using.

This is just the start of the enormous things that an Intel chip can provide. They also partnered with Lenovo, Motorola, Lava and Orange that will releasing new phones with an Intel chip inside in the coming months.

Just imagine the things that you could do in your smartphone with this thing around. If you used to look for beach properties for sale in the Philippines for a new business venture or perhaps would want to acquire retirement homes in the Philippines for your parents, you don’t have to turn that laptop on and surf the net because you can already do these things in your very own mobile phone.

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