Published On: Tue, Jun 19th, 2012

Giant Mushroom Cloud in China Resembles Atomic Bomb Explosion (Photos and Video)

A giant mushroom cloud in Beijing China were spotted in the skies on June 14, 2012 resembling of what it seems an atomic bomb explosion.

A first look at it would give the impression of the end of the world with an explosion of an atomic bomb. However, the giant mushroom cloud spotted in the skies over Beijing last week was simply a brilliant showcase of the wonder of nature.

Mushroom Cloud in China
Image Source: ImageChina/ Cater News

The cloud formation took just over an hour and was followed by a further spectacle of lightning strikes. Experts say that the mushroom-like formation was a cumulonimbus storm cloud.

A passenger jet passes the giant cumulonimbus cloud in Beijing

Cumulonimbus is a towering vertical cloud that is very tall, dense, and involved in thunderstorms and other inclement weather. These clouds usually form from cumulus coop at a much lower height, grow vertically instead of horizontally, thus giving the cumulonimbus its mushroom shape.

A video footage of the cloud has been uploaded to Youtube by a spectator below:

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  1. Oliver says:

    This was OBVIOUSLY our Exta Terrestrial family. The helpful ‘gods’ hide in the skies, That’s depicted throughout history.

    Expect them.
    Their about to help us into a golden age like NEVER before seen, It’s our divine inheritance and path of all things in existence :)

    They will be in our skies, Have NO fear! They are our FRIENDS!

    Think Human beings, but a hundred million years in the future. Evolved beyond our imagination, Spiritually and technologically! They LOVE US!

    No fear, Dear family !
    Be well!

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