Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2012

Is Manny Pacquiao’s Boxing Career Nearing its End?

With Manny Pacquiao’s loss to Timothy Bradley despite his renewed training focus and revitalized faith, one cannot help but wonder if Pacquiao, all of 33 years old, is already too old to continue boxing.

Retirement from the ring has been thrown into his mix of options ever since Manny won his Congressional bid in the province of Saranggani, Philippines. And, thoughts of retirement resurfaced after his lackluster win over Manuel Marquez in their third encounter.

Now, after seven years of consecutive wins, he loses to Bradley who had to be wheeled into the post-game press conference. Some say it is Manny’s 16th fight jinx. Avid followers of his career seem to have noticed a ‘pattern’ … that Pacquiao always loses his 16th consecutive bout, no matter how long the lay-over was. As long as it is his 16th fight he is bound to lose… or so they say. So far, these naysayers have been right twice.

But, let us also consider that Manny is already 33 years old. No longer a ‘spring chicken’ in the world of sports… any sport for that matter, as long as it requires agility, speed and endurance.

There is no doubt that Manny trained hard for his bout with Bradley. He has even put his marital woes in order so as not to have the same distractions recently revealed to have been hounding him during his last fight with Marquez.

Manny gave a good fight against Bradley… but there was something visibly lacking. I had to watch the fight twice to be sure… but the old fire, speed and hunger was really no longer there. Could it be because he does not really need the prize money anymore, being the billionaire he already is? Could it be because he is already an established politician and does not need to rely solely on his boxing career?

Could his leg pain be the one to blame? Or as others would like to put it, could the Lord be testing his faith by handing him this loss when he is at his most prayerful?

It could be all of the above, for all we know. Only Manny can say for sure. Whatever the reason is, it seems retirement is really knocking at his door seriously this time, and Manny should consider opening the door before he becomes another Ali or worse a vegetable.

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