Published On: Sat, Jun 23rd, 2012

Karen Klein, Bullied Bus Monitor, Gets Apologies from Bully Students

Karen Klein, a 68-year-old grandma bus monitor for the Greece School District in Greece, New York, started receiving apologies from the students who bullied her on Bus 784 on their way home from Athena Middle School.

The bullying video entitled “Making The Bus Monitor Cry” uploaded on Youtube by CapitalTrigga, has generated more than 4.7 million views. In the video, the names of the four bully kids from Athena Middle School were identified as Luis Recio, Wesley Helm, Brandon Teng, and Joshua Slesak.

People reports that at least three of the students who were seen bullying school bus monitor Karen Klein on a viral video have issued statements of apology to the 68-year-old grandmother.

“I am so sorry for the way I treated you. When I saw the video I was disgusted and could not believe I did that. I am sorry for being so mean and I will never treat anyone this way again,” one of the students, identified as Joshua Slesak, said in a statement issued by police Thursday to Anderson Cooper 360.

Another student, identified as Wesley Helm also issued an apology, writing: “I feel really bad about what I did. I wish I had never done those things. If that had happened to someone in my family, like my mother or grandmother, I would be really mad at the people who did that to them.”

Karen Klein, bullied grandma bus monitor in Greece, NY

Early Thursday evening, one of the kids’ parents came to apologize and assure Karen Klein his son would be punished. The father of Wesley, Robert Helm, said, “There’s not excuse. And we’re going to get to the bottom of that, but it really broke my heart and I shed a lot of tears thinking about that whole thing and I just want you to know that my family, all of us, are deeply saddened by this whole thing and we’re going to get it right. A lot of emotions were going on in my mind. Mostly sadness. I just felt terrible,” Robert Helm said.

The mother of Wesley also issued a statement to Anderson Cooper 360, which reads in part: “I cannot even tell you how badly I feel. I am deeply sorry for what my son did. … I am embarrassed, angry and sad about the awful way he treated you.”

Meanwhile, the fund raising effort started by Max Sidorov of Toronto, Canada, through Indiegogo, has generated almost $600,000 from more than 27,000 people to give Karen Klein her dream vacation.

Romig, Karen Klein’s daughter, says all the raised funds will go to her mother. And Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin tells the Style Blog in a statement: “We hope that this Indiegogo campaign contributes positively to the important national discussion about bullying.”

In an interview with FOX and Friends, Karen Klein was overwhelmed on the outpouring support she currently gets from people worldwide.

“Oh my God! It’s unbelievable! I just don’t.. It’s wonderful. I would like to thank all these people… I just want to make a general statement. Thank you everybody so much for your support. I really appreciate it. And it’s not just money. It’s the people themselves that I appreciate,” she said.

Despite the cruel actions of the children, Klein does not want to press criminal charges. Instead she would like to see the four bully kids perform community service or lose the privilege to use the school’s bus system.

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  1. Hong Kong says:

    What about BRENDON TENG? Please keep a close eye on him. The concern is because of his Chinese ethnicity. In the Chinese culture, he SHAMED his entire family. It resonates to the next generation. If so, he’s getting mentally -if not physically- tormented more then people would ever know. In addition of how the outside world is treating him right now.

    He was the one touching, mocking and hitting insults from behind…AND everyone had a full view of his face!

    SHAME SHAME SHAME Brandon Teng…You humiliated yourself, your family, your ethnicity, your classmates, your school, your STATE and the entire nation! I hope it was all worth it.

    Have a nice day ;)

    • Catman4500 says:

      Brandon teng needs to be thrown in a Chinese jail get real 100% Chinese secret ass whooping to be put back in place

    • James says:

      Agree totally. Notice he was the only one out of the 4 inbreds who hasn’t been heard from since the world found out what a bunch of jerkoffs these 4 losers are. He’s the only one who hasn’t issued an apology, nor has his family offered any type of sympathy towards the victim. Typical Chinese.

      • Jessica says:

        Please don’t generalize an entire ethnic group because of the actions of one boy. Chinese people are taught to respect their elders. This child is not an example of typical Chinese behavior. Please do some research on filial piety and ancestor worship before generalizing an entire group of people.

  2. Brian says:

    These kids aren’t sorry they did that, they’re sorry that they got caught. I hate when people say that they’re sorry cause they aren’t. I would actually like to apologize for my age group. They ashamed our entire age group and I actually feel the need to say I’m sorry.

  3. sue spencer says:

    @Hong Kong,Brandon wasn’t the one sitting behind, that was Josh

    • HongKong says:

      Sorry Sue. However, there is a photo profile of Josh and the kid behind Klein did not look like Josh. The kid behind looked Asian. There were glimpses of the two kids in front, and one looked like Josh. I’m really starting to feel for these young men, inasmuch the whole nation is absolutely outraged. Have you seen all the comments.

    • Well honey, does it really matter? Cuz them bullies will be the most popular, excuse me the most unpopular, boys in school. Has this Teng kid apologized yet? Shame on him and his parents especially!

  4. Inga says:

    I´m convinced that they have bullied their class mates before this, Karen Klein isn´t the only victim…they are born evil!

  5. jordan says:

    These kids enraged me. I just wanted to kill them while watching the video.

  6. Kathy Amanti says:

    These kids should be expelled from school for several days and they should not be allowed to ride the bus for a whole year! Let their stupid parents drive them and pick them up from school everyday! I use to be a bus driver & I would NEVER put up with that CRAP! Those kids are animals!

    • Jenny says:

      I’d go much much further than that. I think they should be expelled permanently, and attend classes in a juvenile detention center. And never come within 100 yards of a school bus, ever again.

  7. Sharing the video on YouTube shows zero remorse by the kids, they probably posted this as a “quick scheme to fame/popularity.”
    The kids behavior that day shows a real lack in judgement, but the parents have much to blame. At least Wesley’s parents made a statement, what about Luis or Brendan?
    Children’s first teachers in life are their teachers. I’m truly disgraced by Brendan. We learned of this news while still living in China. Brendan, you and your family disgrace this ethnicity.

  8. John says:

    Brandon Teng diffinitely bring shame to himself, family, and the Asian race. We’re not all like Brandon. I can tell you, being Asian myself, my parents taught us from a very early age to respect our elders. I don’t think Brandon was ever taught this. His action was very disturbing and the result of poor parenting.

    • Saddy says:

      Yes John. Brandon is just one bad apple. Asian students are stereotypically known to honor and respect their teachers. This is why his actions are shocking and almost unforgivable. Like the old saying goes “birds of the same feather, flock together”. We have four bad birds right now getting “plucked” by everybody! Sad, sad, sad!

  9. As much as I think that these kids have done something horrible, you have to remember that they are kids, and maybe not the brightest of their age.

    It is horrible that the names of these children is published on the internet so that people like you can bully them online. One kid may have started the acts, and the other followed suit, peer pressured into more name calling to be belong to the crowd.

    Bullys usually suffer from low self esteem to begin with, they bully others in order to make themselves feel better about themselves, what we have done is made a bad situation worse, we’ve ruined the lives of these four young people as they will never be viewed as good kids, by anyone, ever.

    • Glubmin says:

      Good point. However I think you’ve overlooked one little thing… FUCK THEM!!! I hope they get bullied every day of their lives. I hope they cant sleep or eat. I hope they are afraid to go outside. May they be shunned from all human contact like the vermin they are forever and ever and may the only sanctuary they ever find be death itself.

      • Lyssa says:

        Ok, what they did is beyond horrible! But I am there age, and if i did something like that i would hate to be threatend to death, same with all the other people who say they want to kill them; yeah punish them but dont kill them; because what people are saying is just as bad as what they said to Karen! Dont kill! And i agree because wether they are kids or not, its still the fact of what they did!

  10. […] Karen Klein, Bullied Bus Monitor, Gets Apologies from Bully Students […]

  11. Disgusted says:

    Disgraceful. But on the same hand I don’t think money is going to fix the problem. All that money should be donated to educating parents how to properly bring up your children. Stop blindfolding yourselves and being your childrens friends. Parent them. These 4 boys should be held accountable. Make them do community service everyday after school for a year. Maybe that will get them thinking. Have them volunteer at nursing homes – supervised of course. Make the parents have to wreck their lives and start getting involved with their childrens by driving them to these volunteer hours day in and day out. And as far as low self esteem, maybe if the parents had parented a little better and got involved with their children this would of never happened. I am sick of the excuses made for kids behavior today

    • I agree with you disgusted. Money won’t fix the problem. I think if that Canadian “good Samaritan” didn’t open up a vacation fund, money would have not been another central focus of issue.

      HOWEVER, get this, news is, this same Canadian gentlemen was “outed” for trying to pull-off a scam. He didn’t realize that this situation exploded the way it did. Now, he HAS to put up or otherwise he will be on everyone’s hate list too. The “good Samaritan” is as much of the story-line as Klein, and the four bullies. Looks like a classic soap opera, “As the Bus Turns” lol…

      As for the four little bullies, all they wanted is a little attention and fame from youtube. They probably wanted to get on the schools popular list. Instead, they are on a popular list, but not the one they hoped for.

      Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Ayatolla Khomeni, Sadaam Hussein, Brandon Teng, Luis Recio, Wesley Helm, Josh Slesak… a little extreme, but there is much hate for these guys. It’s a terrible shame really.

    • Carol says:

      To Disgusted: NO, NO, NO. Money will help the problem. It has been done to me. No punishments even given to the kids. I was expected to TAKE BEING CALLED A WITCH, and having a chair thrown at me, PLUS 20 MORE THINGS. Just creepy kids,bad seeds for whatever reasons and you want to educate the parents who taught them in the first place? Most of our tax-dollars go to education, with little results. Just more computers, and some anti-bullying asshole speaker coming into the classroom or auditorium to educate the little darlings. Been there. Nothing will happen unless it involves money. Law-Suits, Fines. DONATIONS, DONATIONS, DONATIONS, I say, But YOU SAY,give the money to the Parents. Let’s end your Philosopy, and make the parents accountable. Money will work. This approach is an experiment by the world. Give this woman some respect instead of sending parents money, again, and again, and again. The good people are exhaused by bullying. And you propose to give the parents the money. Get a Life, NOW.

  12. Check out “Luis Recio, Jr” on YOUTUBE. If you watch the YOUTUBE video you can clearly hear his voice and him making insults. In this video, he claims he did no such thing on the bus. He’s a snitch and a liar. Good luck in making any friends during your teen years. He’s lying and his feet stink!

    • Lyssa says:

      U are so right!!! Honestly he was probably the one who started all of this crap!! I feel bad because wesley is the one who appologized the most, where he didnt have very much cussing in it! the second one he did but the first he didnt! the people who cuss the most need to appologize alot more!

  13. Wow says:

    I haven’t seen this much anger and hatred since 9/11. WOW!

  14. Regina says:

    The bullies are getting bullied and people on this site is feeling sorry for them. It is called KARMA. Now let someone put some physical Karma on them and then maybe they’ll think twice about victimizing anyone again. Robert Helms is not a responsible parent. It is his form of upbringing that did not teach his spawn to respect elders and other people.

    • Deena says:

      lol. that’s what i’m talkin about regina. but you think the fear of being famous for one of the most evil videos ever posted is enough. you know, don’t wish them dead, it’s too quick. but maybe a life of fear, shame, scorn and torment and make them live a long, long long time. ;)

  15. Judi says:

    Bullying begins with PARENTING! Unfortunately, many parents are not into PARENTING! In America parents are not allowed to control their children, hardly teach them any respect. I have had DCFS called on me because my now grown adopted daughter is still upset because I would not allow her to hang out in the street with her so-called friends, date boys with gold teeth and their pants hanging to their knees, or dye her hair. Some things teenagers need to be monitored on and guided through. Well, now she has three sons, a live in boyfriend, and not even a GED. She was allowed to leave my home at the age of 17; it is called Emancipation! The DCFS case has gone unfounded. But, this is just a trip through parenting in AMERICA! In the 1960’s my mother took my brother, who was a bully, back to school the next day and showed his classmates who the bully was; HER. He never chased classmates home again!

  16. Lisa says:

    lol at those stupid disgusting kids all getting their names in the press lol so much! That is the BEST. And yeah they are probably only sorry they got caught. Why did their parents never bother to teach them any morals? Sick.

  17. Ambergris says:

    Why hasn’t Brandon Teng apologized yet? Isn’t he sorry for what he did? I guess not. He is just probably hiding out in his room. Does he have parents? Guess they don’t take responsibility for his actions either…. LOSER!!!!!

  18. ***Karen Klein the bus monitor allowed this situation to escalate by her inaction to the point where it became dangerous.

    I blame the people who hired her and didn’t follow up to see if she could do the job or not…, obviously she was not cut out for the job, even though apparently she was a bus driver for many years before becoming a bus monitor.

    from article: Karen Klein is paid around $15,000 dollars/year to discharge these duties.

    What did Karen Klein do to maintain discipline in this situation? Did she warn the kids of the consequences of their actions – getting kicked off the bus, or maybe even suspension? No. Did she separate the trouble makers? Nope. Did she inform the bus driver that there was a situation and request his help in stopping it? Uh uh.

    Karen Klein sat there and took it, which is NOT handling the situation in the way that the guidelines of her job specify. What guidelines, you ask? The ones set in place by the New York State Department of Education Transportation Department.

    • Manny says:

      Nadine. I agree, however, in this day in age, what could have she done without herself going to jail for assault, murder or her being hurt herself?

      If students don’t respect adults and have gotten away with wrongdoings from the gate, how does one expect them respect a bus monitor. Them being disrespectful isn’t the issue. It is HOW and HOW LONG they were taunting an old lady.

      The issue is not Karen, the issue are the kids and their lack of respect. Teachers are basically baby sitters that are not allowed to defend themselves.

      This would have not have happened if the “parents” of these school children have laid down the law with parental authority. Everybody’s hands are tied for those who are employed with a public school system.

      Remember, all a kid has to do is “say” that a teacher, teacher’s aid verbally or physically abused them. By the time the “adult” is exonerated, the false accusation has ruined thier careers. Sorry, it has happened to a few people I know who are teachers and counselors…however you are positively correct.

  19. Manny says:

    The solution? Put a licensed police officer on every bus, with a gun and a badge. It’s not ethical and there is no way a public school district could afford it, but it has come down to that. Remember, children can even say their parents assaulted them, just to get back at their parents.

    We live in a world of relativism and everyone has their own definition of “right” and “wrong”.

  20. What they did to karen is beyond horrible! but come on, anyone who says or does kill a 13 year old is awful! murder is worse then what they said to Karen! And know people are supporting her, well there are probably 3 bullies on my bus at my school! how come all the sudden we get all worked up about this?! this happens every day!

  21. teen angry says:

    ewww, i think that little idiot behind karen was the one named brandon teng. what a horrible little excuse for a human being. may his parents inflict discipline (their version) triple to what he dished out. videos like these make me sooooooooooooooooooooooo angry and sad. brandon teng, your name will go down in infamy, along with your famous friends, slesak-helms-recio. what girl would want you now.

    • I didn’t think u were part of this conversation, y don’t u mind your own business, and worry less about making these 4 boys who made 1 mistake and has it glacial feel bad. GEt OVER it, u weren’t involved

  22. teena sad says:

    how does a doorbell of a bully sound like? teng-teng! (brandon)

    what does a bully say at the track field? i’ll recio (luis)

    what does a bully say when he wants control? i’m at the helm (wesley)

    what do you call a bully with no manners? a slesak! (josh)

  23. JX says:

    Luis Reico, Brendon Teng, Wesley Helm and Tyler Warren — these are the names we should watch out for. If they become full-blown bullies in their adult lives, then we have witnessed their early stages…

    • Wrong Honey says:

      Sorry JX

      It was NOT Tyler Warren, no….it was JOSHUA SLESAK!

    • No U didnt says:

      honey, you must be a relative of josh slesak. you tryin to dis tyler warren. nice try though. it’s 1) josh slesak and 2) wesley helm who made written apologies. 3) luis recio made the video and 4) brandon teng ain’t apologized yet.

    • Nice Try says:

      You’re dumb. Did you read the article? Tyler Warren is “not” part of this foolish foursome. It was Josh Slesak. You must one of his relatives.

  24. Tyler Warren was not part of this embarrasment. He was wrongfully named and a written statement was made stating the fact. However, he and his mother were harrassed because of this blunder.

    On June 24, an article stated that one of the bullies received ONE THOUSAND death threats.

    One call claimed that he was holding a family member hostage, which was taken seriously. The home was barricaded and flooded with investigators only to find out it was a false alarm.

    These poor, poor, young men. I mean, look what they did?

  25. Has the 4th boy apoligized yet?

  26. Severus says:

    Luis Recio, Wesley Helm, Brandon Teng, and Joshua Slesak deserve to be socially ostracized and bullied for life.

  27. […] asked during an interview with TMZ if she accepted the kids’ apologies to her, she said: “Not really, you know I think they can do better than what they […]

  28. Cali Coast says:

    Cant believe how angry I still get watching this video. I still can’t stomach watching all ten minutes of it. I refuse to watch it anymore. Props to Karen Klein and deep sorrow for the families and parents of these youths. I mean the verbal humiliation is bad enough, but that little monster sitting behind her was taunting her by poking her stomach, face, and ears. She lost her hearing aid during this taunting. Mercy for these four little monsters.

  29. Brendon Teng? I know people are not perfect and with respect to other ethnic groups but Asian students usually are respectful, polite, hardworking and don’t get into trouble in school. What a disgrace for Teng.

  30. Nanacole27 says:

    No one here was involved in this and it is foolish how u seem to think that you have the right to make these comments. Yes, she got bullied, but now it’s over. The kids apologized and everything is good now. If you are so mad watching this, then stop obsessing over this video! Really people??? Get over yourself!!

  31. Lee Stearns says:

    Maybe we should consider making the punishment fit the crime! Since they have a year off from school now- like that’s going to help matter any- why don’t we inconvenience their parents by making them take them on a cross- country tour of schools at their own expense, show the video and open a discussion about the dangers and cruelty of bullying! Expelling them and not holding them accountable for making changes to other kid’s behavior serves no purpose as far as I can see. Use their mistake as a teaching/learning tool- just don’t understand why people in charge don’t use common sense in some of these matters and put the experience to positive use while shaming these punks at the same time- and holding the parents accountable too!

  32. Yugota Nerve says:

    This is to Brandon Teng. Dude, you’re CHINESE! How would you like it if girls made fun of the chinese stereotype of being embarrassingly small between your thighs! You really have some nerve!

  33. b-b-b-r-a, clap clap, clap-clap-clap

    n-n-d-o-n, clap clap, clap-clap-clap

    b-r-a, clap-clap-clap

    d-o-n, clap-clap-clap

    booooooooooooooooooooo Brandon!

  34. Brandon… god… he shames our entire nation. If he were in China… just disgusting, he is.

    Well. I hope his parents were strict enough to FLAY HIM ALIVE.

    Subtracting a negative = a positive. Remember that, people! This is JUSTICE in it’s PUREST form!

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