Published On: Thu, Jun 21st, 2012

Karen Klein, Bus Monitor in Greece, NY, Gets Support After Bullying Video

Karen Klein, a 69-year-old school bus monitor for the Greece School District in Greece, New York is receiving an overwhelming support from various people after a video with students bullying her surfaced.

A widow of 17 years and a grandmother of eight, Karen worked as a bus driver in Greece, New York for 20 years, and has been a bus monitor for the last three years. Her duty is to ride in the bus with students, making sure that they behave themselves on the route to and from school for which she gets paid around $15,000 annually.

On June 19, 2012, a YouTube user named “Capitaltrigga” uploaded three videos of middle school students on Bus 784 on their way home from Athena Middle School in Greece, New York, mercilessly harassing their bus monitor, Karen Klein, mocking her for her weight, her low income, calling her a child rapist, and threatening to hurt her.

Karen Klein, Bus Monitor, Gets Bullied by Four Students

Throughout the ten minute video, four kids can be heard verbally berating the woman, calling her a bitch, fatass, poor, ugly, and various other words of the like.

At one point in the video, one of the kids yell, “You’re so fuckin poor you fat ass,” in which Karen responds, “I try to live by some of these words, I try and it’s really hard,” referring to the words on her purse. Now, I don’t know about you, but that broke my fucking heart.”

There’s even a point in the video where one of the kids touches Karen’s arm in an attempt to make fun of her.

In another point, a student says: ‘You’re so ugly, your kids should kill themselves.’ This comment hurt the most as one of her sons had indeed committed suicide 10 years ago, according to MSNBC.

Greece Central School District had contacted authorities Wednesday morning about the disturbing video.

According to, the four students who were involved will be forced to attend a meeting with their parents, lawyers, and the school superintendent. After the board and superintendent hear their cases, they will decide the appropriate disciplinary measures.

“All students found to have a role in this incident will face disciplinary action. Although their behavior was inexcusable, we also have concern for the safety of all involved. We urge patience to allow us to investigate and determine the appropriate discipline,” Assistant Superintendent Deb Hoeft said.

As of Thursday morning, more than 5,600 have donated more than $107,000 to give Karen Klein her dream vacation.

Karen’s daughter was so overwhelmed about the outpouring given to his mother.

“I am not really sure what the times are.. but she is just so overwhelmed by all the love and support she has received from everyone everywhere… She is just soooo amazed that there are so many good people still left in the world… She knows all kids are not bad,” she said.

Below is the bullying video of Karen Klein which already generated more than 300,000 views in Youtube.

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  1. Those unbelievably insensitive, immature kids should be required to do lawn work all summer for Karen. They should paint, do whatever Karen needs help with, to apologize for their actions. Make this a learning lesson. Open their eyes to real life and show them the dedication this woman has shown to their well being as a bus driver and monitor.

    • adarc says:

      No they shsouldn’t – she should get an restraining order out against each one of them.
      They SHOULD be booted from school, and never allowed back on a school bus.

      • Krys says:

        So basically you are saying these kids are irredeemable which i do not agree with.. They need to be taught a lesson so they themselves can be better people.. I agree with Nancy that would be a good punishment to make them spend their summer waiting on her hand and foot.

        • Caroline says:

          They should not be allowed on the school bus again or the school. There are some people in our world who are just evil. I can’t imagine anyone with a conscience could do such a thing.

          • Alex says:

            Yes, these kids are evil. This was a horrifying video to watch. The parents’ names should be published, they should be profiled in the media. C’mon Anderson Cooper, chase the lousy losers to their front doors, so everyone knows where they live and that they have spawned devils.

        • Not redeemable. In 10 years lets see where they are at. The odds are against them.

        • Dee says:


        • They are Not redeemable!…. Just sorry and embarrassed they were caught! ANY NORMAL KID, halfway thru that barrage of torment, would have eventually felt guilt (like thinking this could be “HiS FAMILY”!!!) But did not… this is TODAYS!!, people… i was a tough Mother —— growing up,… my father said, if i catch u pickin on someone i will give you a tanning! but if some one hits you!, i will give u a worse tanning if u dont stand up for ur self… nobody ever screwed with me, bigger or tougher, they knew they would HAVE TO FIGHT!!! I wish i could hug this dear women right now… what those kids did, there is no punishment for…. and i am a young man myself…. Kathy!! I hope you live the rest of your life in peace and pleasure!!! God was watchin u for a while!! HERES YOUR DAY!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Nick Citarella, Fairfield,Nj

      • DK says:

        They should absolutely be expelled from school and have to do some sort of chain gang or juvie sentence all summer for what those horrid disgusting reprobate little thugs did to that woman. Do you really think that was the first time that happened?

        She has said if she reported any of those kids SHE was the one that got in trouble, not the little criminals threatening her life. So what do you Krys think their punishment should be a stern talking to? Those future terrorists are a bit beyond a heart to heart.

    • Ulysses Gist says:

      Ok, Honestly I don’t like violence, but sometimes it’s necessary to instill/drill instructions into someone’s head on what, or what NOT to do. This is one of those necessary cases. For a seemingly unwarranted EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL verbal attack on a Elderly woman like Karen, these kids need their A** beaten, “BADLY” with a leather belt. Those Disrespectful little MF’s wouldn’t be able to sit down for a freaking week, they’d also have to sleep on their stomachs because the belt stings would still be so bad. If these punks apologize, it won’t be sincere because it’s being forced by parents, school, threats, or possible peer pressure. Trust me, “THEY WILL NOT BE SORRY” not wholeheartedly anyway. They will only be sorry because someone was “STUPID ENOUGH” to put it on the internet and it went viral and their getting alot of attention & Threats they don’t want. With the way the system is, these kids will probably get some mild punishment to statisfy the public and school. It’s going to be something that will just take the kids free time after schools for a few weeks or month. They need a severe A** whooping, there is nothing like “PAIN” to reinforce behavior on something NOT to do. Example: “THE UNWARRENTED DISRESPECTING OF ELDERLY PEOPLE”. “PAIN + REPITITION” if they do it again can be a very effective method. But society has made it so bad to hit kids because of parents (ESPECIALLY MOM’S!!,Yeah, that’s right I said it, MOM’s!!!)many kids respect to many adults outside the home are horrible. Plus kids know you can’t hit’em & leave a mark. Realisticly, some kids bruise WAAAAAAAYY easier than others, particulary lighter & pale skinned kids. You barely knick these kids & it can look like you punched with a fist. Anyway, I’m done, my methods may be cruel to some moms, but their effective. But remember, it’s just advice, cause at the end of the day, you can do whatever ____ you wanna do.

  2. When are we going to really start holding kids accountable for their deplorable actions…I am so sick of all the touchy feely nonsence. I worked for years in the school system and these kids never get what they should when bullying…Those kids along with their parents should have their pictures plasted on the frontpage of every paper…They knew exactly what they were doing when they did it. When did school become a right not a priviledge…They all should be kicked out and let their parents deal with the consequences….

    • Kelli Knapp says:

      I completely agree with you Melinda! This kind of behavior does not happen overnight. These kids are little monsters, and this type of behavior will only get worse over time. Parents are accountable for the actions of their kids, and as such they should be ashamed of themselves for this. They obviously have not taught their children to treat people with decency, especially their elders. Bet these kids walk all over their parents at home as well. Little punks.

    • LCHAR says:

      I know, Im so sick of all that too!!!! Im in my 30’s and I have seen a consistant decline in youth in the past 2 decades…its getting worse and worse!
      This society has/is raising a bunch of disrespectful, little BRATS….I wish I could bend each one of them from that video over my lap & switch the heck outa thier behinds!!! and then personally take them to Karen’s home to appologize.

    • Alex says:

      Hold the lousy parents responsible. And don’t shield their names from publication. Put them up on the media so everyone knows who they are and when they get arrested in years to come (and they will), we won’t be surprised.

  3. Kelli Knapp says:

    I just went on you tube to look at the post. Shockingly, some kid who was on the bus posted the first and last names of all 4 kids involved. And judging by alot of the comments I read on that page, there are still many good, decent kids out there. They were just as appalled and outraged as we adults.

  4. Not only should the children be accountable but the parents should also. These parents should be sooo ashamed of their kids…they do this because they have been allowed to do so, unfortunately kids are not taught to respect there elders but this is up to us parents to do so…If I had ever disrespected an adult i was grounded…Come on it starts at home…

    • DK says:

      Exactly, when you little monsters are running around terrorizing an old lady, a grandmother like that, who isn’t allowed to report these little snot nosed beasts, the parents have to be brought in to the police station for some counseling after these kids have been tossed from school and have cleaned up all the graffiti in town.

      If I had seen that, I would have knocked those kids 6 ways to Sunday.

  5. Katie says:

    This I completely insensitive. I hope those kid get in trouble and I’m no talking about thier parents I mean them! If I had the money to help this poor woman I would donate in a heart beat but for now I’m supporting her and the fact that those kids need to be punished.. I hope to god the police get involved! Karma.. That’s all I have to say

  6. Chip Righter says:

    There is never any excuse for not exhibiting proper public decency and respect to others. This courtesy is the most basic, common and first taught of proper elementary manners. Abuse does not need to physical to hurt you.
    The four children who were so rude and insensitive should lose all future bus privileges forever. I also think the four involved should be immediately suspended and made to do 500 hours mandatory of public service, stand before the school body and apologize for their actions, and forfeit graduation rights on stage. It is interesting that some people today still think that a vulgar mouth somehow makes you cool or hip when it immediately identifies you as immature and uneducated.
    There is no people on Earth more caring and compassionate than Americans. The pouring out to this poor woman is proof that the majority of Americans find this behavior unacceptable and will always stand tall against bullies.

  7. adarc says:

    People in charge who look the other way because “it is almost the end of the year” and “what good would it do” – shouldn’t be in charge.
    While I think it is disgusting that she was treated that way and EVERY kid involved should be at very least banned from ever taking a school bus again (let the little creeps walk home) – though I would prefer they be expelled from school.
    She had the power to stop the bus, or call the school, or the police, or write them up. But she was afraid of the very kids she was supposed to be monitoring. I am more concerned for the kids on the bus who were afraid of what was going on, and had no competent adult step in. IT IS HER JOB to monitor the behavior on the bus. Why are they putting people in this job who clearly can’t keep control on the bus. I strongly suspect from the language used in the video, and from the comfort level these kids had atacking her that this has been an ongoing issue on this bus.

    • I completely agree! The kids behavior is unexcusable; however, the monitor did not follow school system protocal in handling out of control children on a schoolbus. She instead chose to tolerate the abuse, and her inaction aided in creating an unsafe environment for the passengers on that bus. As educators we have a responsibility to protect the children in our care, and by chosing not to report the students involved she enabled the out of control behavior. If a teacher allowed her classroom to be this out of control, he or she would be servely reprimanded. Why are we raising money for this woman? She exercised poor judgement.

  8. Such heathens. It is unbelievable how much gall these upcoming generations have. No respect for their elders, no respect for their peers. It’s obnoxious and a depressing view of what we have to look forward to when all these kids get older and have a place in society.

  9. Adam says:

    Determine the appropriate disciplinary action? You mean they will have the opportunity to PLEAD that they not be expelled? There’s only one appropriate disciplinary action.

  10. Meagan Flynn says:

    I use to be a Bus motor In Austin Texas I think those kids need to pushed for what they did you . I don’t think it right it all . if that was me now . I would write them up turn them into the Pirncapl then they would call parents to come up there kids . I love the Elementray kids they didn’t talk back to any one . But in Middle school kids are Just Rude to the adults in there at schools & bus motors .

  11. Shelley says:

    Those children are HORRIBLE; i would never dream my children would talk like that. How do they talk at home? These kids need to be made aware of what they have done, this woman is there to help them and they are treating her with no respect. It appears the girl do the taping has the most to say and should have her mouth washed out in front of everyone. They should be held accountable for what they have done to her and now to all of us. They should lose their bus privilege, have their parent remind them every day of what they have done when THEY have to take them to school!

  12. Devin says:

    This is sickening. It hurts so much to think that these kids have the nerve to say such rude, insensitive, and hurtful things. I’m 15 years old, and I learned as a baby how to talk to and treat people– of all ages. I’m not sure if their parents didn’t teach them, or if the kids are trying to prove that they are “mature” or “tough,” but this video is one of the saddest things I have seen in a long time; it brought me to tears. I’m not sure how many kids in the U.S. behave like this, but I do know that there are a lot of good kids who respect other people.

  13. nki says:

    WHat’s the latest? Have these kids been expelled? Have their parents beat them yet? I hope there is punishment beyond anything these kids can imagine coming their way.

  14. […] Karen Klein, Bus Monitor in Greece, NY, Gets Support After Bullying Video […]

  15. Mike says:

    I think all the bullies should have their mouth’s wired shut for the summer.and we’ll see how smart they are after they can’t talk or eat.

  16. This video made me cry knowing my Mom is a bus aide and I would hope she would never be treated this way. To the parents of these boys: Their behavior is a reflection of you and how you raised them. They are cruel and indifferent in the way they treated this woman and definitely were never taught to respect their elders. They are in for a world of trouble when they are adults. I hope you are proud of your children because I know I would be very ashamed of my child if they did this!!! Shame on the parents and shame on all the boys that bullied this woman and brought her to tears!

  17. Kaitlyn says:

    I am a 17 year old girl, and to be completely honest, seeing this video almost made me cry. Kids these days do not have any respect for anyone at all. I grew up in the middle of no where, and everyone has southern hospitality and manners. My parents also taught me that if i didn’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all. I moved to a city school when i was 8 years old, and even then i was shocked to even see my classmates cuss and back talk to GROWN ADULTS. Now as a senior in high school, i see kids, teachers, and etc. get bullied both physically & emotionally, and not getting any punishment for it. Kids now days get stuff handed over to them, and no punishment. When i was growing up, if i did anything even CLOSE to this, i’d get my butt beat. Ooo, sending a kid to an atlernative school. That’s not going to solve anything because they’re going to come back & do the same stuff again. Kids think that they have a reputation to uphold by being a “hard a**”, or just to be in the “it” crowd. All my life I have been picked on, or bullied in school. It doesn’t feel good, at all. God made us all equal, and we should treat each other with nothing but respect. Just because some one is different, doesn’t mean you need to make them feel worthless. I give this woman Karen all my respect & prayers. I also hope that these kids get what is coming to them. Their parents should be ashamed.

  18. I just want to say that I fell sorry for this lady. I watch all the video those kids where really hard on her and was coming ou there mouths. When I was watch this I was think what she could done. she could of got up sat in a different set because the was kids getting off the bus. Then she could walk up to the bus drive and said something to him about what going on and then he could of help out her. Plus the old woman could do this type of job because she didnt know how to handle what was going on and what to say to the kid. She was not full there to when this is going you can tell on her body language. I think all the F ing kids should tell this woman sorry and then go to jail have those people do what they did to her then these kids would know how real bullying is. Hope they would learn there lesson. The school that go to should do something to them an the parents. This whole thing was worry for the woman.

  19. Guy Jones says:

    A civil suit for intentional infliction of emotional distress should be filed soon against these spoiled brat, vile miscreants, and mark my words — the facts support the claim and it is totally proper under the circumstances. I hope ms. Klein will seek out an attorney..

  20. Ed Carrico says:

    Where the Hell was the driver. These guys were really cute how about putting there pictures up so everyone can see. that way they will know who the parents are also. these guys are dirt bags.

    • Ginj64 says:

      Ed, I drive a school bus (middle/high) and have also had to deal with little dears like this. One problem we drivers have is as the government raises safety standards for school buses (the seat backs get taller every year), it makes it harder for us to see what the students are up to. I can’t tell from the picture where Karen is sitting on the bus, but you will notice that the “photographer” is scrunched way down in the seat so the driver can’t see them. A school bus is 40 feet long and if they are sitting towards the back, we can’t always hear what they are saying (I LOVE my cameras!!). Unfortunately, drivers and monitors really have no power, other than calling an incident into base. Under no circumstances are we allowed to touch them and even stepping in to break up a physical fight can get us in trouble. And every single one of them knows it. I am lucky to work for a district that takes discipline very seriously. With as much scrutiny as the Greece School District will be under, I can almost guarantee that it will not be just a slap on the wrist for these punks. I can also guarantee that this isn’t the first time they have done this. If they are gutsy enough to bully an adult, they are also bullying other kids. They may be great kids one-on-one, but put them together and they become a “pack”.

  21. TAB says:

    Adarc stated, “IT IS HER JOB to monitor the behavior on the bus. Why are they putting people in this job who clearly can’t keep control on the bus?”

    Melinda stated, “When are we going to really start holding kids accountable for their deplorable actions…I am so sick of all the touchy feely nonsence.”

    I completely agree with Melinda. Society today is in a moral downward spiral. Regarding Adarc’s comment, I don’t know what anyone could have done without the power of hard discipline which would likely result in termination. In my opinion, these occurrences are becoming more prevalent partly due to 1) direct child punishment can and has resulted in legal action against parents, teachers, administrators, etc., and 2) the world of entertainment and media that displays an ever-increasing display of violence and “colorful” language. My God, just look at how reality TV has taken a grip on this poor country.

    I’m not a prude, but certainly a realist. Sensorship is simply a joke and the moral compass of many kids (and adults) is going haywire.

    I’ve been to public functions (e.g., ballgames, swimming pool, the mall), and kids use foul language as a normal part of communication. This occurs in front of younger children who, being imitative, think that it’s acceptable. The parents ignore you if you make a comment or simply don’t care. Also, as mentioned above, young kids actually believe that this makes them feel somewhat mature or need to use the language to be accepted by peers.

    I’m not condoning child physical punishment. However, as it’s been said by many people of “my generation,” we grew up just fine having the law laid down to us when we misbehaved. Kids know they can get away without punishment or don’t get punished, so do whatever you can to appear “cool” in todays society. It’s sad.

  22. Leigh Harman says:

    These boys are Devils! We can only pray for their souls!

  23. Deplorable!! These kids should be sent to a summer program/boot camp where they can pick up garbage on the side of the freeway for a few months. What about their parents? They have learned this behavior somewhere, they should be held accountable as well. Sickening little pukes.

  24. Rachel L says:

    I think we live in a day and age where people just enjoy reproducing their own likeness more so than actual parenting. Your job as a parent is to raise children to be upstanding individuals with integrity and ability to contribute something of value to the world. The parents of these little beings have failed on an epic scale. Please pull their parent cards and send their children off to people capable of raising productive human beings.

  25. Roni24 says:

    One thing the school should do is boot all kids involved from ever riding the bus again. Make them walk the miles to their house or their parents can take them and pick them up. I’m sure if their parents have to be inconvienced the kids will be in big trouble.

  26. Cindy says:

    I’m so ashamed that kids do these things. That parents allow their kids to do this. It all starts in the home and parents knowing what their kids are doing. They really need punished for this and need to be in church. If they had a good solid church back ground they wouldn’t be doing this kind of stuff. Kids today are being raised without rules and supervision and somewhere it has to stop. If any of these kids come from a home with rules and supervision then maybe their friends need to be changed..this act was sooo wrong on so many accounts. Parents have got to stop being afraid of punishing their kids and start putting their foot down if this kind of thing is ever going to stop. This is hurtful and my heart goes out to this lady .

  27. panowak2 says:

    I lived in Greece NY between 1987 and 2001, and it was very rare to hear of anything close to this happening … it seemed like a nice town for the most part and it was a real shock to hear that this happened. I wonder if this was ongoing or a one time occurrence ?

  28. Terra Cotta says:

    I wanted to send a little card to Karen, does anyone know where/who I can send one to? Thank you..

  29. Oldmanhankie says:

    I’m a 65 year old gentleman and wouldn’t mind taking Karen out to a nice candle lit dinner.

  30. Martha says:

    There seem to be a lot of parents who have not taught their children about respect, kindness, or any values taught in the major faiths of the world. Every major religion teaches that you treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. Too many young people are ignorant and deviant to these teachings. This story is really a sad comment on mankind.

    • don says:

      hmmm…I have a lot of people around me that go to church, “pray for you” and love Jesus but they lie, cheat and judge more than the non religious ones. You are right that is the real message but most use God as a cleanser for their faults and as a ticket to heaven and there is not much thought put into having a real change of perception. It is very hard to practice the principles that the great masters have taught and it requires a great inner strength. That is why most adopt the idea that “Jesus will forgive me”. It is easier that doing the work.

  31. Lana Lane says:

    I hope the parents take this seriously, surprisingly there are ‘my kid can’t do wrong’ people everywhere. It does seem that the filming was set up ahead, the camera never wavers. Another question is, how could she have been an effective monitor if she let the kids treat her that way. Isn’t her job to keep them in line?
    I am so glad they were filmed, this is the parent’s chance to turn things around. If they continue to get away with this these kids will lose what little conscience they posess.

  32. Tammy Allen says:

    I was really appalled by this video and what those kids did to karen. What I want to know is where was the bus driver while this was going on. That bus driver should have pulled the bus over spoken to those kids and then call the school district and demand that those kids parents come and get them off the bus and never be allowed back on that bus. Maybe if those kids parents had to drive them back and forth to school everyday they would understand why there child was being punished. I feel that children caught bulling anybody should be brought up on charges and suspended from school.

    • don says:

      Good point but the bus driver is not allowed to do that. Same as karen not being allowed to take away the cell phone that was making the video.

  33. […] Karen Klein, Bus Monitor in Greece, NY, Gets Support After Bullying Video […]

  34. irkimmie says:

    Yes, this is what happens when we coddle our kids and put them in “time outs” and taking their cell phones for a day. ughh! These kids need a good old butt whippin! and for those of you that think that’s abuse, I disagree! Coddling and babying them is abuse to them and the rest of the public that have to deal with your spoiled disrespectful, hateful little brats! When I was a kid I got a butt whoopin if I deserved it, and I never repeated my offense that’s for sure, and guess what, I am a hard working member of society who knows right from wrong, something kids like this will neverlearn unless someone puts a boot up their A@$!

  35. Ryan says:

    Those kids are fuckin retarded I’m 15 and I really would like to fuckin bash those kids skulls in.

  36. will hammond says:

    These kids should get at least 30 day’s in jail. They should be kicked out of the entire school district, not just their current school. Each family who’s child was involved should be made to pay a fine of 20,000. to Karen Kline…You want them to learn, hit them in the wallet!

  37. don says:

    This is what happens when we stopped making parents responsible for their children in school and started making the school responsible for the children’s behavior. Karen can’t even defend herself because it is against the rules.

    If they were my kids, they would get their butts kicked and they would be karen’s servants for a year. I would then contact Karen about my child’s behavior periodically and discipline if they acted out again. Very sad video, too bad these kids have no heart. The parents should take all the blame.

  38. Noah says:

    I empathize for this woman. But my real concern is how tax dollars in the amount of $15,000 can be dished out for people to be put in her position who cannot carry out their job. The blame here is not only on the students (who deserve to be disciplined), but also in the administration who thought this woman was qualified to carry out the position of “bus monitor.”

  39. TS says:

    I watched the entire video. I can not believe this. I have three children and 9 grandkids. I raised my kids alone and can honestly say they have never ever spoke to an elder that way, they have never ever even spoke to me out of turn. I would whip there aXX and they know it. This is worse than unexceptable. The lady will deal with the words that were being said to her for the rest of her life and she is 68. Do the math you dumb axx kids. I don’t know who your parents are but I sure wish I could be for just one day!!! I’m so angry, all I could do was think about my 72 year old mom and what if someone did that to her how much it would hurt her soul. I really really hope justice is served with these kids. to the person above that stated they need to put people on the bus that can handle stuff like this. Well the problem starts at home! If it wasn’t her it would be someone else. these adults these days are scared of these little punk axx kids…

  40. Kennedy says:

    These four “shameless” boys thought they could put this on youtube for a little bit of attention and laughter. They got the attention, but they “ain’t” laughing now… Neither are their parents, siblings and anyone close to them. Sad, sad, sad!

  41. Arin Ashley says:

    damn..i wish i was one of the kids on that bus so i could beat the shit out of every single one of those boys. one of em sounds like a girl, which is prolly why he’s tryin so hard to act all hard and shit when really i bet they’re just a bunch of pussies that are lucky they didnt go to my school cuz there would be some bloody ass hallways

  42. Charli says:

    I do not agree what these children did was right, but it has not and will not be the first time it will happen. Everyday teachers, student, and even parents are bullied. It might sound crazy but it is the truth. I do not believe she deserves money because there have been thousands of elderly adults tortured; neither of them have received compensation. WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS WHO HAVE BEEN BULLIED, ON TAPE INFRONT OF ADULTS? WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO HAVE COMMITTED SUICIDE OVER BEING BULLIED? WHAT ABOUT THE ADLUTS BEING BYSTANDERS? Many children and teachers who attend my school have been bullied and caught on tape. I myself have also been bullied. It is not about the parents being bad parents, or the students being spoiled brats, IT IS THE ACTIONS OF THE CHILDREN. We should feel sorry for ALL VICTIMS OF BULLING. I TOO BELIEVE WHAT THESE CHIDLREN DID MORALLY WAS WRONG, BUT IT IS SO FOR EVERY OTHER ELDERLY WHO HAS BEEN TALKED TO IN A NEGATIVE MANNER, PHYSICALLY ABUSED, AND DOWN RIGHT DISRESPECTED. EVERYONE IS ENTITTLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION, BUT MONEY SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED.

  43. seal says:

    Iam not saying she shouldnt have smacked the crap uot of that kid but what is with all the money 400,000.00 dollars really let me get bullied one time she should donate it all to people that can not feed there kids or something

    • Sharon says:

      Seal you make it sound like this poor bullied grandmother went out on a school bus rustled up 4 idiot boys to taunt, bully and threaten her so she could get some jerk from another country to put up a fund for her to raise money …….I think you need to wake up and smell the roses. First of all Karen deserves every cent of what the people of Canada, US and whatever other country wants to donate to her. This is a senior citizen in your own country, she did NOTHING wrong. And I praise the fact that a 25 yr old man from Toronto Canada had the balls to start this fund. Maybe its because an American didnt think of this first thats left a bad taste in your mouth. Well so be it. My wish is that they raise over a million for her, then she wont have to buy anything on layaway again as those punks put it . Infact if I were DA in that county not only would those boys make monetary restitution to her but they would also spend some hard time jail time too. Dont fault Karen for the antics of those punks and dont fault the kindness of others to try to make some good of this … you should honor them and honor her, for she is our true member of society.

    • ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. g-d bless you Karen I am also a victum about bulling -I suport you

  45. […] bullying video entitled “Making The Bus Monitor Cry” uploaded on Youtube by CapitalTrigga, has generated more than 4.7 million views. In the video, the […]

  46. […] Dateline reports Klein had worked as a bus driver for the Greece School District for nearly two decades before becoming a bus monitor. Her job description includes assuring students behave themselves — a duty for which she received $15,000 a year. She’s been a widow for 18 years and is a grandmother to eight children. […]

  47. i saw the interview of the kid who recorded this. His answer to why didn’t you do something was she was a grown woman and should have done something herself? I can’t beleive that as a society we have lost a generation that doesn’t know or beleive that sticking up for the weak and the elderly is part of who we are as a nation! The video generation that spent their whole childhood’s playing videio and computer game’s has no social skill’s and the entitlement attitude and lack of comapassion for anyone else but themselve’s is disturbing. If the future leader’s are them we as a country have lost alot of hope!

  48. Sharon says:

    As i watched this video I could not help to think that these young boys will soon grow up to be adults in society. What a shame! We will not only be subjected to their bullying antics but also their stupidity. These 4 boys need to learn NOW that life is not all about them but about the 1000’s of Karen Kleins who make our world a better place to live in. My shock is that no law enforcement agency is doing anything abut this. Watch the video carefully, 1 boy touches her breast with a book , thats sexual assult, you can hear 3 voices threatening to crap, cum and pee in her mouth those are all threats, and 1 boy is heard saying if i stabbed you in the stomach the knife would go through you like butter. Is this not a threat???? So where is the school board??? Why not lay charges ??? Where is the DA ???? why not lay charges??? Where are the police ???? Why not lay charges ??? This is a clear case of bullying, assult, threats with intent to harm. These punks should NOT get away with this . The only justice in all of this is that Karen now doesnt have to use a layaway plan to buy a purse she has over 1/2 a million dollars you little punks.

  49. Wow what happened to this poor lady is without a doubt incomprehensible. I am astounded that these boys could treat this lady with out any dignity when she is their for their safety.
    It is interesting to see that non of you have mentioned that a CANADIAN is the ONLY ONE to start the fund to help Karen have a safe and HAPPY retirement. I don’t see any of you starting anything for her in your darn country. Yes Canada to the Rescue once again and I am damn proud to be a Born Canadian. I am proud that we have raised the money to help this lady. She deserves it. Have all of Donated to this cause?
    I will agree these boys need to do Community Service for what they have done to her. They need to do it for as many Seniors and Disabled people as possible.
    I am so glad and Proud that My Flag is Red and White. I am proud that it was a Canadian that Started this Fund and had the Idea and Concept to help this woman. I am ashamed that you as Americans did not have the idea to protect one of your own. Oh I forgot, they are not in the Military and you are not at war with her so you don’t protect her. Shame on you! I am Ashamed to have America as my Countries neighbour. I hope you all learn a lesson by this.
    By the way…children going to church might not do something like this as they would learn RESPECT. American needs to learn RESPECT. I was raised with Respect and my children with respect and my grandchildren with respect. We are Proud of this man in Canada and all of you SHOULD THANK HIM AND CANADA ONCE AGAIN.

    • Ginj64 says:

      Janice, what the hell difference does it make WHO started the fund? It has NOTHING to do with the issue (and I guarantee that bullying is going on in YOUR country too). You sound like a radical nutcase

    • I’m ashamed of you Janice ….just what you are doing is a form of bullying…..I am an American…and you are Canadian…..stop saying ….I did this ….I have this…”DIFFERENCES”…. is what causes the problems in this world today….who cares who started the fund first??? Good for you!!! You started a wonderful thing ….and we all followed your lead! What do you want a pat on the back???? American’s have done many wonderful things also…and I also am proud…..” I’M DAMN PROUD OF MY RED WHITE & BLUE FLAG”!!!!! And you’re darn right I’m proud of our military also!
      I might add…as a child I was taught respect, and I in turn taught my children respect for their peers and adults…we are not “all” ignorant and have not any manners as you implied!!!! Oh, and we have churches here in the good old USA….and surprise …I go to one!!!! Oh …and I went to Catholic Schools too!!!
      Shame on you Janice for trying to bully the United States with your mean remarks!!! You should be ashamed of yourself…One can’t teach a lesson until they know the lesson…and you….”Dear Lady” need a lesson or two in kindness!!!!

    • I’m ashamed of you Janice Edwards. Just what you are doing is a form of bullying. I am American, and you are Canadian. Stop saying I did this, I have this. DIFFERENCES are what cause the problems in this world today. Who cares who started the fund first? Good for you, you started a wonderful thing and we all followed your lead. What do you want a pat on the back? American’s have done many wonderful things also. And I also am proud. I’M DAMN PROUD OF MY RED WHITE & BLUE FLAG. And you’re darn right I’m proud of our military also.
      Also, I might add. As a child I was taught respect, and I in turn taught my children respect for their peers and adults. We are not all ignorant and have not any manners as you implied. Oh, and we have churches here in the good old USA, and surprise …I went to one. Oh, and I went to Catholic School also.
      Shame on you Janice Edwards for trying to bully the United States, with your mean remarks. You should be ashamed of yourself. you can’t teach a lesson until you know the lesson yourself….and you….My Dear Lady need a lesson or two in kindness.

  50. Those middle schoolers should be removed from the public school system and let their parents provide an education! Why should the taxpayers pay the tab… we will be paying the tab in a few years anyway, when they inevitably wind up in prison! NICE PARENTING!

  51. Why hasn’t Brendon Teng, the kid touching and mocking Klein from behind make a public apology.

    Doesn’t he know, he’s CHINESE? Chinese men get made fun of their stereotypical mongoloid facial and physical features in addition to their world renowned small reproductive organs all the time.

    Lock him up and throw away the key. Then we’ll all sing, Happy Days Are Here Again! Champagne anyone? lol…

  52. I think they should do all that she wants done all summer…lawnwork, windows…anything she needs done….and also community service which would be working in an old age home….maybe that would make them feel a little empathy for older folks…or just maybe a little respect for adults in general….they need to be punished thats for sure!!!! but in a way that they learn their lesson!!!!

    The whole thing made me sick to my stomach, to think that kids could be so mean!!!! So sad in this …our society today! Parents wake up….rein these kids in …they are getting out of control! Especially when the courts rule in favor of the kids….with “free speech” thats getting a little crazy!!! this gives kids freedom to bully anyone….who is passing these rules??? “Civil Liberties”??? they need to get a grip, they are taking it a little to far ….as far as I’m concerned!!!! I’m hopping mad!!!!…In my day….lol never thought I would say that!!!lol My parents would have killed me ….if I were to talk to an adult like that…. In my day…..omg…

    Wake up parents “The kids are out of control” step up to the plate and teach these kids some manners!!!!!

  53. Debi says:

    This is TOTALLY due to a lack of PARENTING. Those parents should ALL be put in jail for lack of BRAIN power. (I bet they all said, ” It wasn’t MY kid!!!!”)

    I am DISGUSTED by those kids, and their parents probably are the same quality of low-life.

  54. […] the bullying video entitled “Making the Bus Monitor Cry” was uploaded in Youtube on June 19 by a certain CapitalTrigga, it has been viewed 6.4 million times […]

  55. Sue G. says:

    I am the grandmother of a 13 yr old boy. I know that at this age all kids go through changes, some become kids we don’t even know. That’s something that even the best of parents can not control. Most of that change comes from Peer Presure, which, for some kids, over rule what the parents have taught them. My grandson has been a victom of “bullying” for quite awhile, and I see the negitive change in him it has made. Infact his good friend was badly beaten after school last year by bullies. We have raised our kids to be respectful of everyone and all we can do is hope that they don’t change that part of their hearts. I know that the schools are trying different things to prevent bullying, but I don’t see any of them working. I have an idea that may at least make kids think twice before terrorizing others. Send these kids to a Detention center of some kind for awhile. Get them away from their comfort zones and let them know what it feels like to be alone and scared. I know that this is a costly idea, but as a parent and grandparent, I would be willing to do what I have to to try and solve this very serious problem. These kids are our future, and it is our respon sibility to try to lead them in the right direction. I see that Karen is getting alot of money for the pain she has gone through and yes, I agree she should enjoy herself with it. But I was wondering how she would feel about putting some of that money towards a good cause. By helping to start to put a “stop” to the reason she is getting the money in the first place. To try and prevent others from having to experience what she has gone through. This problem has gotten out of control and it is going to take more then what the schools and the parents can do by themselves. There are too many people, both old and young, being physically and mentally hurt and even dying because of this “bullying” problem. I would like to know if not only Karen, but if anyone else agree with me. Please send comments to: I’m know I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

  56. Sheila says:

    The best thing that the judge, school and the parents of these students is to send them to boys town.
    Boys town will change each one of them for the better other wise they will get worse.

  57. […] grandma bus monitor of Greece School District in Greece, New York, who became famous for her bus bullying video entitled ‘Making the Bus Monitor Cry‘, finally met the person who set up the fund raising for her, Max […]

  58. Mason says:

    OK, I myself am a middle schooler. I am going into the 7th grade this coming school year. I go to a very good school that has a good budget & the kids are very smart… usually. I myself am one of the smartest kids in my grade & always have been. I ride the bus & my bus driver is somewhat like Karen, in such she is bullied by the students. Now with my bus driver it’s minor bullying & when I saw this, I was appalled to the point I almost saw my lunch again. I thought the kids were cruel to my BD, but these children in this video should not be allowed to live. My mother says to me to respect my elders & I have never had a problem with my BD. The fact that these children act this way made me think, “OK, You need a reality check, you need a reality check, you need a reality check & you need a reality check & all of you need a total SLAP across the face & a whip across the ***. Good for you though, I’ll be the banker & I’ll cash that crap for you!” My God, this is one of the main reasons countries across THE FREAKING WORLD hate America. I’m bullied a lot & I mean A LOT, so I understand how Karen feels & why she did not report them. I have gotten so depressed, I’ve contemplated suicide. Those children are the reason middle schoolers are hated the most of all 3 types of grade schools. If I met these children, I would seriously think the pros & cons of murder. And if I read one comment about “Oh, you don’t understand. Blah blah blah.”, I will just say this “You have no idea what I’ve been through & how it’s affected me so shut your ass up.”

  59. equity439 says:

    If someone has the names of these kids, please publish them. It does not matter if they are “minors”. Bullies relinquish their rights to privacy when they do stupid things like that. The world deserves to know who they are and their parents too !!! The parents and families must be sooooo PROUD.

  60. […] bullying video “Making the Bus Monitor Cry” which was uploaded by a certain CapitalTrigga on June 19 detailing how the four bully students […]

  61. Heather F says:

    Truly disgusting. Those ‘children’ will be mortified if the world knows who they are now that their behavior has been exposed. I believe they need to be accountable for their actions. Sure – expel them, restrict their bus privileges…but perhaps force them to publicly speak about bullying regularly. Get their faces out there. Allow them to fully embrace their shame. Lets see who they really are.

  62. Natasha vosper says:


  63. […] Then there was the case of a school bus driver who was the victim of terrible emotional bullying. Karen Klein, a 69-year-old bus monitor for the Greece School District in Greece, New York became an internet sensation when her bullying video went viral. […]

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