Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2012

Lady Gaga: the Cockroach Whisperer?

Lady Gaga is well-known for her outlandish, if not outrageous, costumes. Take the meat dress she wore for the 2010 MTV video Music Awards for instance. If you think that is outrageous… and outlandish, wait until you find out what she plans to wear next… a headgear filled with cockroaches!

Sources say Lady Gaga has asked her team to create a netted headwear filled with cockroaches after hearing of a study which suggests these insects respond more to her music than any other artists.

A source told a newspaper, “Lady Gaga has been looking to top her famous meat dress for some time – and this could be it. She dubbed cockroaches ‘My real life monsters’ after hearing of the recent study.

“Now she wants to incorporate them in a headpiece by having them crawling around inside a netted cage.”

The study was apparently conducted by engineering students from New York who were studying the movement of insects. Rock groups Weezer and Avenged Sevenfold failed to elicit the desired effect on the roaches, but Lady Gaga’s music made them dance.

Roaches on her Lady Gaga’s head… will it shock the world more than her meat dress? I think it will be more shocking if the roaches were feeding on the meat dress — while Lady Gaga is wearing it. Ewwww!

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