Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2012

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Today is Halloween and am sure that everyone is thinking of ways to design their costumes especially those who will be attending Halloween parties.

How do you want to look like depends on the costume and prosthetic make up that you will wear. Halloween costumes need a lot of preparations in order to become more scary. However, if you received a last minute invite, then you could probably in rush thinking of a costume that is easy to set up.

Here are some of our recommendations for easy Halloween costumes which you can wear especially if you’re on the last minute.

1. Zombies. Everyone knows them especially those who watch ABC’s hit show “Walking Dead”. Zombie apocalypse is also a hit with the recent news of a man who ate another man’s face in Florida. This is an easy to set up Halloween costume since you just need to make your shirt look frayed by cutting it up, rub it with dirt so you look like a risen dead, throw some red dye to look like a blood, some slight make up on your face, and a rugged hair.

2. Vampires. With the finale of the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn slated to be released on theaters on November 16, you can choose to dress like Edward Cullen. The Halloween costume just involves the common black combination of shirt, pants, and shoes with a lot of powder in your face. Arrange your hair too to look like the one below. Make that fierce look to make sure you will look like a vampire. Fangs can also be included to make it more real.

3. Ghosts. For adult women, they can opt to be a “ghost” or “white lady” as shown below. The Halloween costume just involves a white gown and a black make up around your eyes, eyebrows, and lips.

4. Serial Killers. Remember Michael Myers from his Halloween movies? Get yourself a creepy mask, wear plain long sleeves and khaki pants, put some dirt on it and sprinkle it with red food coloring to make it look like a blood. Now carry a fake knife with some ‘blood’ on it.

5. Joker. Heath Ledger’s “Joker” from “Dark Knight” is also perfect for Halloween. Get the hair scraggly look by putting gel and temporary green dye. Now put white face paint applying unevenly on face with black shadows around the eyes. Put red paint or lipstick on the face to look more like a clown. Wear collared shirt, tie, vest, vertical dark pants, and multicolored socks and shoes.

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