Published On: Fri, May 25th, 2012

Missouri UFO Sightings: Blue Springs Residents Saw Strange Lights (Video)

A UFO sighting in Blue Springs, Missouri has been reported by residents claiming that they have been seeing strange lights in the sky for the past two weeks.

Reporter David Jordan from KCTV, a CBS-affiliated TV for Kansas City, said that he also saw the strange lights in the sky for the past two nights. He was puzzled about it as he noted that nobody knows where they came from. The said lights are still being investigated by the Missouri UFO Network.

A resident named Robert Kover was noted to be among the first one to have seen this UFO in the presence of multicolored lights in the sky. He then later lent his binoculars to his woman neighbor who also saw them until other neighbors witnessed the ‘UFO‘ too.

“I showed her the star that was in the sky, just to get somebody else’s perspective on it, and they said they had never seen anything like it before,” Kover said.

Missouri UFO Sighting 2012

Meanwhile, some residents in the said area also claimed that they also witnessed the strange lights in the sky at night using various kinds of telescopes. One of those was resident Becky Neely who told the reporter that they were red, green and blue lights.

“It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, but with binoculars we could see it fairly well, and it was off in the distance,” Neely said.

Another resident named Teresa Price said she saw it twice and noted that the so-called UFO just dropped and stayed stationary in a lower position.

KCTV5 called the Blue Springs police, and they have said they haven’t received any calls about this alleged UFO. KCTV5 also contacted NORAD, and a spokesman said that he did hear about a similar UFO sighting, but he wasn’t sure if it was in Missouri because that division of NORAD monitors the entire Midwest.

Below is the news video from KCTV for the alleged UFO sighting in Blue Springs Missouri.

News report on alleged UFO sighting over Blue Springs, Missouri
Video Credit: KCTV/YouTube

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  1. Myra Lozada says:

    Pretty amazing how the citings are at Blue Springs Missouri which is almost the center of the United States.

  2. Rhythmic says:

    i bet if it not found to be a alien craft/pod its one of the governments spy drones… i would believe that a alien craft wouldnt stick around that long and would be more stealthy but i think a drone would display the colors so if someone with a scope looking at it couldnt tell exactly what it was but as well wouldnt be hit by other planes and protected in that case….

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