Published On: Sun, Jun 10th, 2012

Pacquiao vs Bradley Results: Timothy Bradley Wins Against Manny Pacquiao via Split Decision

In an unexpected victory, Timothy Bradley was declared as the winner of the WBO Welterweight bout against world-renowned Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao, in the boxing fight held at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fight began after the Game 7 of the NBA Playoffs between Miami heat and Boston Celtics where Heat won at a score of 101-88. Kirby Asunto sang the Philippine national anthem, Lupang Hinirang, for Manny Pacquiao, while American Idol first runner-up Jessica Sanchez sang the US national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, for Timothy Bradley.

The fight was a controversial one as a lot of boxing fans were dissatisfied with the results of the judges’ decision.

According to CompuBox, Pacquiao landed 94 more punches than Bradley. Pacquiao landed 253 of 751 punches, a connect rate of 34 percent. Bradley landed 159 of 839, a connect rate of just 19 percent. However, at the end of the 12th round,  both judges C.J. Ross and Duane Ford had it for Bradley, 115-113 while judge Jerry Roth had it for Pacquiao, 115-113.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Official Scorecard

From Round 1 to 6, Pacquiao, was seen over-powering Bradley with a lot straight left punches connecting to Bradley. It was a scenario predicted by a lot of observers earlier, including Coach Freddie Roach and UFC President Dana White.

In Round 7, Bradley became the aggressor. There have been rare occasions when Bradley got a good punch but Pacquiao answered with two of his own. All three judges scored 10-9 in favor of Bradley.

For Round 8, there were mixed reactions from some observers of the boxing fight. Pacquiao’s flurry was later than usual in this round, but Bradley didn’t do much with the initiative. Judge Roth scored 10-9 for Pacquiao while judges  Ross and Ford scored 10-9 for Bradley

Rounds 9 and 12 were mostly given to Timothy Bradley who won the match at the end of 12th round via split decision. The decision was booed by the crowd and criticised by many news outlets who were independently scoring the fight.

At one point, HBO PPV showed Harold Lederman Card’s below at the end of the 12th round with Pacquiao leading the scores against Bradley, 119-109. also scored the fight 119-109 for Pacquiao. In fact, most ringside media also scored the fight in favor of Pacquiao.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Lederman Card

Pacquiao was shocked by the verdict. “I do my best and I guess my best wasn’t good enough. I’ve been watching the tapes of his fights. Tonight, he never hurt me. Most of his punches hit my arms. I don’t know what happened [with the scoring]. I have no problem. I’ll be ready for the rematch. No doubt [I won the fight.],” Pacquiao said.

“I thought I won the fight,” said Bradley, who said he hurt his ankle in the second round. “I didn’t think he was as good as everybody says he is. I didn’t feel a lot of his power.”

A rematch is now said to be underway with a possible schedule on November 10.

Assuming Pacquiao really did lose in this fight, we found out an odd pattern that Pacquiao loses on his 16th fight after his first loss with Rustico Torrecampo via Wikipedia who has the complete list of all his professional boxing record.

His second loss was with Medgoen Singsurat, after 15 consecutive wins right after Torrecampo. His third loss was with Erik Morales, again after 15 consecutive wins after Singsurat. And his third and latest loss with Timothy Bradley, another 15 consecutive wins after his loss with Morales. Could the number 15 mean something to him?

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  1. Ed Laugen says:

    I fully agreed with the media and ringside announcers when I first watch this fight. When I viewed it a second time, though, it was if I had a new pair of glasses. I saw pacman take off the first half of every round. I saw a busier Bradley controlling the ring while out working and out-landing pacman. My second viewing had a Russian announcer; I did not have feedback telling me how bad Bradley was doing. Additionally, I think my judgement may have been skewed by the roaring of the crowd every time Manny threw a punch. Pacman essentially had his own soundtrack. I was leading the choir on their songs of conspiracy until I was humbled with the second viewing. If Pacman dominated that much where are the photos of ANY damage he caused on Bradley?

    • Laps says:

      wtf! you really need to wear eyeglasses for you to see bradley’s face messed up. during the interview with bradley, he’s not even sure he won! He even said to bob arum “I tried hard but I couldn’t beat the guy(manny)”

  2. […] on the official scorecard, judges C.J. Ross and Duane Ford both had it for Bradley, […]

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