Published On: Mon, Apr 9th, 2012

Perez Hilton Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss

Having a flourishing career blogging about the latest and the who’s who in the land of nips and tucks, Perez Hilton could have easily opted to follow suit and get a nip and tuck here and there to whip himself back into shape.

But, (if he was  indeed telling the absolute truth) he opted to do it the old-fashioned way — meaning  the hard way.

Hilton made quite a statement at Logo’s ‘NewNowNext’ Awards last Thursday night by posing on the red carpet shirtless — displaying his new six-pack of abs.

And, if you have even the faintest idea of how he looked before his weight loss, you will also be amazed enough to write an article about it. (Guilty)

According to the 34-year-old celebrity blogger, he has lost between 70 and 80 pounds since 2008 on pure and sheer hard work.

Hilton must have anticipated the surgery speculation that he readily tweeted a response to curious on-lookers, “No surgery. No shortcuts. HARD work! And time!”

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  1. James says:

    Any idiot can see that he had surgery. In fact this is what one surgeon said.

    “Perez Hilton has had liposculpting of the abdominal wall.  In this procedure, the fat under the skin is selectively reduced to give the appearance of a six-pack.  It is done very well and he has minimal excess skin in the lower abdomen, which occurs after massive weight loss followed by liposuction alone.  The excess skin is visible in the wrinkling that you see in the second photograph in the lower abdominal region (image below). In the facial area, he has had some fillers to the facial lines and some Botox to the forehead.  There is no other evidence of any major surgical intervention in the face at this time.”

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