Published On: Sun, May 20th, 2012

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg Got Married (Wedding Photo)

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan got married on Saturday, May 19, 2012 in a simple wedding ceremony.

Zuckerberg didn’t add a relationship status into his timeline. Instead, he added a “Life Event” on his profile, posting a wedding photo that shows him wearing a suit and tie with the knot loosened rather than his trademark hoodie and his wife Priscilla wearing a simple wedding gown.

Unlike his husband, Priscilla Chan added a ‘married’ relationship status in her profile and uploaded the same wedding photo in her timeline. A flood of congratulatory comments can be seen in the timelines of the couple from their respective subscribers.

The Mark Zuckerberg-Priscilla Chan wedding was held at the backyard in Zuckerberg‘s home in Palo Alto, California, a day after Facebook made its initial public trading at Nasdaq that reached as high as $42 per share.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Wedding Photo

“Zuckerberg‘s wedding was in his backyard, before fewer than 100 guests, who thought they were there to celebrate Chan‘s graduation.” Huffington Post editor Ethan Klapper (@ethanklapper) tweeted.

According to TMZ, Facebook spokeswoman said the wedding ring featuring “a very simple ruby.”

Mark Zuckerberg, who turned 28 last Monday, May 14, was named Time’s Person of the Year in 2010, the year the public had a first glimpse of Priscilla Chan, 27, who graduated from medical school at the University of California, San Francisco. The couple met in 2004 at Harvard University when Facebook is still starting and since then has been together for over nine years.

Apparently, that was also the same year that the Facebook film “The Social Network” was released and made well in the box-office and earned eight Academy Awards nominations and won three of them including Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Film Editing.

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