Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Design Patterns for Spooky Halloween

Happy Halloween! There are a lot of ways to celebrate Halloween. Various trick or treat events for kids and Halloween parties for teenagers and adults are all over the place. If you are not attending any of these events, then perhaps you could just stay at home and design your very own jack o lanterns using your favorite stencils.

Printable pumpkin carving patterns provide an easy to follow guide to sculpt your jack o lanterns. Here are some of our templates and design ideas which you can download it for free. We suggest to download it, save it in your computer, and resize it to make it larger using a simple “paint” program. Enjoy the templates!

1. The first one that we have is a mad beast looking at you!

2. Zig Zag Halloween pumpkin carving pattern. This is perhaps one of the scariest patterns because it resembles some kind of a monster. This is easy to follow since all are straight lines.

3. The next pumpkin carving pattern is an alien design for those fascinated with UFOs. It can also resemble as a ghost. In carving your pumpkin, just be careful in the “curves” of the face.

4. Girls will surely love this next pumpkin carving pattern resembling the once hit cartoon show “Sailor Moon”.

5. Fans of Angry Birds will surely carve their pumpkins with this design pattern!

6. Not good enough? Then you can choose from other templates below.

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