Published On: Fri, Nov 30th, 2012

Scariest “Ghost Girl Elevator” Prank in Brazil Goes Viral (Video)

Imagine yourself inside an elevator. Then suddenly the light flickers until it totally goes off. After a few seconds, it turns on again and low and behold, a girl which looks like a ghost will instantly appear with you inside the elevator. Worst, suddenly, she would scream at you. How would you feel?

This has been the scenario in the video prank currently being dubbed as the ‘scariest elevator prank’ set up by Programa Silvio Santos, a TV show in Brazil which known for “fairly run-of-the-mill hidden camera gags like ‘Magnetic Soup’ and ‘Pig Grinder’.

The Youtube video entitled “Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil” uploaded by dogproduction has become viral and currently has over 22 million views.

“Scariest” Ghost Girl Elevator Prank
Image Credit: Youtube/ Silvio Santos Program

A middle-aged woman who came inside a building can be seen in the first part of the video. She was then welcomed by the receptionist of the building and guided her towards the elevator. After the elevator has reached a certain number of floors, the lights started flickering until it turned off.

While the lights were turned off, a little girl which resembles “Sadako” of the hit movie ‘The Ring’ came in from a small door at the back, holding a baby doll. When the lights finally came back, the little girl was now inside the elevator looking at the woman. As the woman felt scared and unease trying to push button to open the elevator, the little girl horribly screamed at her causing her to scream too in horror. Soon, the lights turned off again and the little girl was gone when the lights went back.

The scenario went on for the rest of the victims in the video. At one point, the receptionist can be seen near the elevator and laughed while listening to the scream of the victims.

Watch the video below and let me know if you’re scared to death or you laughed on top of your lungs.

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