Published On: Tue, Jul 3rd, 2012

Scientology Linked to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce

Some say that good things never last. This has been true to Tom Cruise who had just been in his third divorce with wife Katie Holmes.

Many wondered the reason for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce. Initially, the issue of money was brought up. However, a stronger speculation came out linking the cause to Tom Cruise’s strong beliefs and involvement with Scientology.

On July 1, 2012, TMZ reported allegations that a team of men hired by the Scientology church is following Katie Holmes’ every move.

“People who have photographed Katie multiple times tell TMZ there have been several “mysterious” men and vehicles around Katie’s apartment and following her when she’s out. Specifically … a white Cadillac Escalade and black Mercedes SUV (see above) have been seen near Katie’s NYC apartment for the past week,” TMZ reported.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

However, the Church of Scientology has recently denied the allegations.

“There is no truth whatsoever to the [report] that the Church of Scientology has sent anyone to follow or surveil Katie Holmes,” Gary S. Soter, an attorney from the church, told People magazine.

The magazine also added that Scientology will probably continue to be a major factor in the custody battle of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes over their six-year-old daughter Suri.

Katie Holmes was Tom Cruise’s third wife. After the divorce, the number 33 was linked up to be the unlucky number to Tom’s three marriages stating that all three marriages – Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes – ended with all the wives at the age of 33 years old.

Tom Cruise married Mimi Rogers in 1987, when she was 31, before they broke up in 1990 at the age of 33. His second marriage to Nicole Kidman lasted ten years before they split in 2001, when she was also 33. Finally, Cruise wed Holmes in 2006 when she was 28; she filed for divorce last week at the same age of 33.

However, a former scientologist spoke regarding the coincidence issue.

“You can expect the church of Scientology to come be discussed in great detail around this split, but the age of all three wives when the marriage broke down is a coincidence. Marriage problems come from what Scientologists call ‘withholds’ or what the rest of us call ‘not communicating.’ Tom’s divorces have nothing to do with his wives turning 33. Plus, if Katie did blindside Tom with the divorce, unless she plans to continue to study [scientology], then the number 33 significance has nothing to do with the split,” he said.

The Church of Scientology was founded by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard starting in 1952, as a successor to his earlier self-help system, Dianetics. Scientology describes its practices as a religion and in 1953 incorporated the Church of Scientology in Camden, New Jersey.

The organization believes man is an immortal being who have forgotten their true nature and it has attracted followers including Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

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