Published On: Sat, Aug 11th, 2012

Snake Cake Photos of Baker Francesca Pitcher from UK Became Viral

Cakes come in different styles and sizes. But have you ever seen a snake cake? With today’s various photo editing software – the most famous being Photoshop – sometimes it’s really hard to differentiate between genuine and fake photos. But hold your appetite because this one is real!

North Star Cakes baker Francesca Pitcher from UK designed an unique snake cake which exactly looks like a Burmese python.

Yes, what you exactly see below is a real snake cake made by Francesca for her daughter’s birthday made out of Madagascan vanilla bean sponge, with jam and butter cream wrapped in white chocolate fondant. She described the snake’s breed as Amelanistic Burmese Python to be exact.

Ever since Francesca posted six pictures of her snake cake in her Facebook page last July 29, 2012, it has generated thousands of comments, likes and shares. In fact, she admitted that her snake cake has doubled her likes in less than a week which is currently approaching eleven thousand likes.

Image Credit: North Star Cakes

“I am, honoured, flattered and utterly terrified this morning as the wonderful Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes tweeted a picture of my snake cake out to his 40,000 followers last night with the word ‘AMAZING!!’ and a link to my FB page. Who would of thought that the cake I made for my daughter’s birthday party would cause such a stir and bring me a little closer to my idol,” Francesca said.

Thousands of queries flocked to her North Star Cakes’ Facebook page with some asking for the secret recipe and if international customers can avail her snake cake. In her Facebook page, she set up a FAQ answering some questions. Unfortunately she mentioned she cannot ship internationally for clients based in other countries other than UK.

“I am based in the UK, I will ship the snake cake within the UK but carriage will be at your cost and your risk. I cannot ship internationally,” she said.

Francesca’s snake cake has hit national and local news paper in the UK and a few other online newspapers as well. Amazing indeed! Now who wants to eat the head?

Image Credit: North Star Cakes

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