The Team

Gregory Mendoza – Gregory monitors all the articles posted in Dateline News. She works hand in hand with the writers and guides them with all the trending news. She graduated at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington Major in Asian Studies. She can speak Mandarin and Folkien with ease. She loves traveling from time to time while keeping all her friends and writers updated wherever she is using her android phone. She’s into music and can play 7 musical instruments. During her past time, she cooks pastries and pasta.

Gerard Lafuert – Gerard is a known multi-tasking expert. Being an associate editor, he’ll see it that all articles in Dateline News are with substance and informative. He can write articles at the same time, editing some of the other writers’ work. He finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of the Philippines. He’s also into the stock market and forex trading and has been writing about it his blog. He’s into collecting key-chains from the vast number of places he has traveled around the world.

Cindy Co – Cindy has learned to live out the country at the early age of 12. She finished her high school at Kelmscott Secondary School in London. She then flew to New York and took up individual short courses such as Political Theater, Fantastic Voyage and The Craft of Criticisms. As the Managing Editor of Dateline News, she’ll be see to it that all the articles being posted are among the latests news in the world. She’s also fond of hosting events and taking care of production numbers. She’s been hired by several companies to coordinate special gatherings.

Jennifer Leetan – Jennifer is responsible for searching the latest news in the world in whatever category it may belong. She will then relay it to the other writers of Dateline News for publication. She’ll see to it that no fraud ideas will be posted. She finished Bachelor of Science in Nursing and obtained Master’s Degree of the same course at the age of 24. She took International Law for further studies at Cambridge University. She also took short courses in Journalism and contributes news articles in CNN, BBC and MIMS specialyzing in health related news.

Meg Stanford – Meg is born being a photo enthusiast. She has been taking pictures ever since her elementary years. She became the Chief Photo Journalist of her High School Newspaper. She took her formal education in Digital Photography at The Australian Centre for Photography. She runs several Photo blogging sites and contributes pictures in New York Times, CNN, BBC and TMZ. As the lead photo editor of Dateline News, she’ll be taking care of the pictures that would be most appropriate for the article. Aside from photography, she also loves to cook and take pictures of her homemade recipe.

Charles Wuckland – Charles is an Interaction Designer with over 12 years experience building and designing websites, games and applications for clients ranging from small startups to multi-billion dollar companies. He’s now a co-founder of several start-ups yet to be known in the world of social media.. He finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism Major in News Writing at the early age of 21. He also loves to play drums and saxophone during his vacant time.

Cynthia Larkin – Cynthia keeps track of the latest news in the world of Business. She finished her Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration Major in Financial Management at the University of Michigan Business School. She also took as short course in Journalism and was given a chance to be one of the news editors of the CNN’s Richard Quest. She is also a well traveled individual that at the age 24, she already visited more than 80 countries for business trips. She has been covering several business events and is a part of the World Business Forum of 2010.

Noel McConnell – Noel is a techy-geek. He’s been looking forward for ever gadget that comes out in the market. He started playing computer games at the age of 4. He even made a special room for his gadgets alone. Writing anything about technology has been very easy for him ever since. He contributes to a lot of technology-focused websites as well. He finished his Computer Engineering course at the University of Maryland and has attended several gadget events such as CeBIT, SXSW Interactive, Game Developers Conference, The Gadget Show Live and the WEB 2.0 Expo

Lea Walker – Lea is the youngest among the contributors behind Dateline News. She just turned 22 yet she is one of the most valuable. Basically because at her young age, she already finished her Master’s Degree in Public Relations as well as currently taking up a short course on Journalism particularly in Creative Writing at Birkbeck University of London. It is just rightful that she is acting as the Feature Editor and Writer of Dateline News. Aside from her interest in journalism, she is also a movie critic and has been writing several reviews about all the movies that she watched.

Jin Wakaranai – Jin is basically the most important person in the team behind Dateline News. Being the Web Administrator, he’ll see to it the site is running smoothly and maintains the tough security of its contents. He has mastered all these at an early age of 23. He’s a real genius when is comes to Ruby and Python programming. On the other hand, He is also an artist by heart especially in the world of Pottery. He has launched several exhibits of his stunning signature vases and pots in various international. He will be part of the famous Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China along with his Chinese Character-inspired vases.