Published On: Tue, Nov 20th, 2012

Teen Girl Nicole Delien Slept for 64 Days Makes Real Life Sleeping Beauty (Photo)

We thought sleeping beauty is just present in fairy tales. However, our latest social media scoop unearthed a real life sleeping beauty named Nicole Delien, a 17 year-old teen girl from Pennsylvania, who reportedly slept for 64 days.

Doctors say that Nicole is suffering from a rare sleep disorder called Kleine-Levine Syndrome (KLS) or more commonly known as the ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’.

According to KLS Foundation, KLS is a neurological disorder characterized by periods of excessive amounts of sleep and altered behavior which primarily strikes adolescents. At the onset of an episode the patient becomes drowsy and sleeps for most of the day and night, waking only to eat or go to the bathroom to pee. When awake, the patient’s whole demeanor is changed, often appearing “spacey” or childlike. Individuals who suffer from the disorder also often experience confusion, disorientation, complete lack of energy, and lack of emotions.

Nicole Delien, Real-Life Sleeping Beauty Afflicted with KLS
Image Credit: Daily Mail Online

These symptoms exhibit in the case of Nicole Delien who slept for 64 days straight covering the period starting from last year’s Thanksgiving Day up to January of this year, missing important occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays and even the first family trip to Disney World. This 64 days of sleep was the longest episode in her illness yet.

Vicki Delien, her mom, claims that her daughter usually sleeps for 18 to 19 hours a day. She wakes her up to eat and to use the bathroom but still Nicole is in a sleepwalking state while she is performing these activities.

The Delien Family struggled to find out the condition of their daughter as they narrated their story during a recent interview with Jeff Probst’s syndicated talk show. The relief came when a physician at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania gave a diagnosis that Nicole was suffering with Kleine-Levin Syndrome.

Nicole’s last sleeping episode was in March. She’s currently taking medication which helps to control the frequency of her sleeping episodes. However, she still lives in fear of the next time it will happen again.

If fairy tales are true, I hope that one day ‘sleeping beauty’ Nicole will be kissed by her ‘prince charming’ which totally cures her KLS illness.

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