Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2013

Tubattaha Reef Swept By A US Naval Ship

tubbataha-reef-scubaschnauzer01 The Tubattaha Reef is considered to be a protected marine sanctuary in the Philippines where is houses the world’s most beautiful coral reefs and a lot numerous marine life but unfortunately a statement came from the US embassy that 224-foot Navy ship ran aground on the precious site.

Although it was made sure that there were no oil leaks, there is a possibility that par of the reef obtained a slight damage. In an official statement that they released, they’ve already informed the Philippine government and assistance is already on its way.

The US embassy didn’t mention the cause of the incident but could be due to misnavigation as the ship was supposedly based in southern Japan’s Sasebo. They just assured everyone that all of the ship’s crew are safe.

The Tubattaha Reef is located 130 kilometres southeast of Sulu, in the southern Philippines and is known of be one of the world’s most visited diving site. It is one of the reasons why Philippines real estate for sale is of the most profitable businesses in the country.

Philippines is an archipelago and it is composed of a numerous beautiful islands surrounded by jaw-dropping beaches and all other natural wonders.

Whatever damage the US ship caused should be paid accordingly because they happen to destroy a natural sanctuary which is very precious and considered to be priceless.

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