Published On: Thu, Aug 2nd, 2012

Woman Lifts Car and Saves Her Dad in Virginia

When there’s a need for help especially for your loved ones like your dad, adrenaline rush comes in to give you that extra strength needed to lift heavy objects. This is what happened to a mighty daughter in Virginia who lifted a car and saved her dad.

The daughter’s name, Lauren Kornacki, came in rescue to her dad, Alec Kornacki, who had been in the family garage, working on his BMW when the jack slipped, leaving her poor father beneath the car.

Lauren, 22, and  a trained lifeguard used her skills including the recent CPR review session from her supervisor to lift the car off her dad to save him.  “It flashed like, oh my God, I’m going to lose my dad. I knew I had to get his heart beating again,” she said.

“I opened up his airway to make sure he could breathe and everything and at that point I’m just telling him, talking to him. You can’t leave me. Just stay with me. Keep breathing,” she added.

Lauren Kornacki and Her Dad
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She recalled the horrifying incident as she told WMBF News: “There was no tire… I just lifted up kind of right here and just kind of threw it, shoved my body as hard as I could then I came back and dragged him out and started CPR. It flashed like, I’m going to lose my dad. His eyes were open, he wasn’t responding to me. I knew I had to get his heart beating again and I had to get him breathing.”

Her father Alec Kornacki was immediately rushed at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center suffering from several broken ribs, some numbness and other fractures.

Lauren’s mother, Liz Kornacki, expressed how thankful she was for what her daughter did. “I’m just so lucky and proud that I have daughters that can perform CPR and have the knowledge to save lives. I think it’s an important skill for everyone to know and if it weren’t for Lauren I would not be alive today,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kristen Kornacki, Lauren’s sister, gave an update about the condition of their dad. “He is walking and talking and laughing and joking. He’s feeling pretty good. He’s Superman, that’s for sure,” she said.

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