Published On: Mon, May 28th, 2012

World’s Largest Outdoor Pool Found in Chile (Photo)

Swimming pool lovers must go to Chile if they want to witness and enjoy themselves as they swim into the world’s largest outdoor pool.

Developed by Crystal Lagoons Corporation under the design by Chilean biochemist Fernando Fischmann, the world’s largest outdoor pool is bigger than 20 Olympic-size pools put together, measuring 164-by-82-feet, which is six times bigger than its closes competitor, the Orthlieb Pool located in Casablanca, Morocco. The record-breaking dimensions mean visitors can paddle or sail their way around the pool instead of swimming.

The enormous pool, which opened in December of 2006 at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile after nearly five years of construction work, is said to have costs of over $1.2 billion with an annual maintenance of over $3 million. Upkeep costs range from keeping it heated at 78 degrees Fahrenheit to the filtration system controlled by computers to bring in water from the sea.

World's Largest Outdoor Pool

Aside from its title as the world’s largest pool certified by Guinness Book of World Records, the pool is also the world’s deepest pool at 115 feet. It has the capacity to hold a whopping 66 million gallons of crystal clear water.

The man-made Crystal Lagoon in Chile, which stretches for 3,323 feet, overlooks the Chilean central coast in the city of Algarrobo about 60 miles west of the Chile’s capital, Santiago. The pool will be a additional attraction to Chile’s two million tourists.

Below is a video of the news report by NDTV for the world’s largest pool in Chile:

World’s Largest Pool located in San Del Mar, Chile

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